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  1. A client wanted a script for an introductory video to his Youtube channel, so I did the research and sent him the finished script.

    Client: This isn’t what we want. Please focus on the “why” of my channel.

    Me: OK, sure thing.

    I changed the script, doing my best to reflect his channel’s content and his reasons for creating it..

    Client: This is a fail; I can’t see the WHY. Change it.

    I completely rewrote the script, at this point stealing his own words about his channel verbatim.

    Client: Sorry, but this is a complete failure. You’re failing to catch the WHY. Thanks for your interest.

    I didn’t receive payment, or any clarification about what was wrong with the script. If he noticed that I even basically plagiarized him in the last script, he didn’t say.

    I doubt he actually read the whole thing, honestly.

    Source: Clients from Hell

  2. I'm currently visiting Italy, to be more specific Rome.

    Rome is quite an amazing city with loads of things to see, however I took this opportunity to mess a bit around with my Phone (One plus 3t) and take a few pictures and go in to details regarding the scenes and how you can create better cinematics & pictures.

    So let's start off with some basic knowledge regarding Pictures.


    In Denmark (The country which is better than Sweden, just ask @PirateCaptain) we got a few words for the different kinds of Focal length (Works a bit like FOV/Field Of View for the Dank Gamurs out there)

    (Link for the Danish Wikipedia)

    We got:

    • "Super Total"
      • This image section gives a panoramic view of Copenhagen's skyline from the top of "Rundetårnet" (Danish building). It is also an established shot (e-shot) of Copenhagen, as the image both starts a new scene (or sequence) and marks the geography of the place.
        • lzCHrUo.jpg
    • "Total"
      • This crop's function is to show the girl in full shape and to visualize the whole environment around her. A total image can also be used as an initial creation shot.
        • j0O9MOs.jpg
    • "Half Total"
      • Now it's focused on the girls hips. This crop, also called a medium shot, is suitable for the start of a dialog scene. 
        • 23NlsGJ.jpg
    • "Half Close"
      • Only the head and upper body of the girl can be seen in this cropping, which is suitable for situations where a person is to be interviewed, or for dramatic sequences happening to a person
        • W7J3CUw.jpg
    • "Close"
      • The "close" also called close-up, shows the girl's face and is the optional cut that expresses a person's facial expressions and emotions the best. This is also optimal for making the views notice a specific action or event. This could be a Character hiding a gun, bottle falling over, motion in water or something else.
        • hUxQOgo.jpg
    • "Ultra Close"
      • Here, only the eyes of the girl are in focus. This detailed image crop is also called an extremely close-up and used to highlight a particular detail of a person or object.
        • AMwyHSm.jpg

    Now I will be working with these terms throughout this post.

    Here is a few pictures I took when out in Rome today:

    Make sure to read it all through.

    So I talked a tiny bit about colors, and there is an entire science scene behind it, however I will not spend 400 hours going in to details regarding the history of colors and such.

    A quick quick video explaining this can be found here:


  3. Dashies weekly/bi-weekly/monthly/yearly blog

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    Rainbow Dash Weather Mare
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    Hey there pirate brothers, i am just stopping by to say hello. i am trying my hardest to get on more but with the fact that my mother has passed and my birthday is tomorrow i have found little time to be on the last two weeks. Hopefully it will all clear up soon and i will feel more like being online. Thank you all for your wonderful friendship :hellodash:

  4. PirateCaptain
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    I love working on this website no doubt about that BUT... it's lonely work

    I miss my old job, having colleagues around me all the time, being part of a IRL community and the ups and down it entails.
    I've been working to make this website a success for the last 3 years and I succeeded but it comes at a cost I see now, I missed out on that precious human interaction that comes with having a real life job, and now I'm starving for human interaction.

    Teamspeak, Chat and all the other are good substitutes for life but it's just not enough, so I have have decided I had enough, I will start looking for a real job now with real coworkers and talks around the watercooler, if I don't do it now I'm afraid the absence from IRL will make it impossible to return to being a whole human and my depression might return with a vengeance, the first signs are already showing and I'm scared to be honest, NO FUKIN WAY i'll drive myself into homelessness again.

    Today I beat my fear of exposure and sent a picture of myself as part of a job application, it was hard I must admit, my paranoid was kicking me all the time while taking the pictures and importing them into my pc.
    I have to do this I'm aware to get some colleagues and try claw my way back to normalcy and enjoy life again, I can no longer hide behind my keyboard and pretend its real life despite how comfy it might be.

    Gonna start again slowly, found a decent job close to my home where I don't have to show my flawed self to too many people on the commute and it's something I love doing, I would be helping people get the right computer for their needs just like old time when I worked in custom pc manufacturing but this time I would have a lot more public interaction, which will be good to test my own limits in regards to public exposure.

    I might fail hard and come crawling back asap, but at least I will give it a try now, and get a feel for how bad my paranoia has become.

    Wish me luck!


  5. Posting updates regarding my stream

  6. Dickhead Blog

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  7. Dev's Blog

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    Hello people!

    Some Patrons may have seen @Sanguin 's post in the patron area and since my patron seems to be gone due to bugs and stuff i don't know - something is happening and its causing problems. But that ain't stopping me. Sang basically released the early, prototype version of the game  to all the patrons. Im unable to link it due to that problem. And i also cant see all the feedback. But that wont stop my development of the game.


    I will be making these posts every so often, describing the progress made to the game and what i'm going to continue to do with it. So far, i haven't gotten much except that first demo level and the second in-there-because-level-teleporter-dies-without-it level. There is also some early texture work made, and a few bugs too. Especially the one where every scene is a prefab and is just so damn hard to re-use assets from one and the other. But i guess thats the perks of trying to work as a team :P


    Im going to begin ripping my game apart one by one, and explaining what each feature does and what it will do. There will be screenshots, and there may be video. But all of it amounts to the game. New features and planned stuff will also be discussed.



    The prefabs are so damn annoying. Have a look - http://imgur.com/a/LNBl4.png

    I have no idea why Daniel done it this way, but fair enough. I will be getting him to change it and make it a little bit easier, like the jump prefabs and boost prefabs are fine and all, same goes for char. but theres one that basically pastes the entire level in for you. and the naming of the prefabs aint nice. No, im not liking the names.


    Texture Work

    I made the textures (except The char) and i will tell you, EVERY. SINGLE. BIT. IS. TERRIBLE. it is, it really is. IT looks nothing to the style its going to be, does not fit in to the rest of the stuff, hell, it dont fit in atall. Someone call me stupid and tell me to stop dissing my game, but its true. So im going to retexture the entire game. Im also creating a color pallet. Reason? It helps. Open it in Photoshop and open the other one in a new tab and grab the colors. Since im too poor to pay fully for a full Photography license im using the crack. WHICH IS GOING WELL... no. It aint. http://imgur.com/a/rGKo4.png


    Its all too neat, the folder organisation sucks

    Yep. my neatness dont help here. The folder structure is really bad and inconvenient and really just makes all the files have a folder for themselves. Which may i point out isnt good. It causes too many clicks and stuff and it just becomes annoying. Very annoying. Gonna sort that out.



    1) Calm yourself

    2) im working on it. Gonna try and get a launcher for it during the early stages so it updates the launcher and the game aswell. simple checks for a certain change and then it gets directed to a certain download. Lets say i roll out a new update and the download link has changed from /xert.xxxx to /xert.beta , so id need to send a request back to the requesting launcher to now download updates from the new repo. and that new repo would direct it to the latest version in it. Same goes for launcher. They need to be User friendly but practical at the same time. Since im early early prototype i need to prepare for all sorts of issues and changes. link changes, download changes. ENTIRE DOMAIN changes too. And i need mirrors. Github is obviously #2, and #3 can be some place like my OD, so that shoudl sort it.


    The sound

    It isnt bad, to be honest. But it isnt mine either. Its just borrowed and placeholder. It really isnt very into the theme either and i need something more original and creative. something that fits into the theme yet is very practical, quite nice and relaxing at times, but challenging during others.


    Plans for the future

    The plan for the future is to get that launcher done, and then begin moving onto developing the game more and more. I also need to sort out the art and music, and a few other minor things. Since i also plan for a level editor which Daniel seems to be very into the idea of, imma include that. Prefabs really help here then. But it also cant be really just a drag drop and your done. It needs to be as easy as that yet, again, practical in a way. Advanced features, Event flags, level publisher, Story elements, new creative ideas like guns (something ill talk about very soon) and stuff like that. Users have to get their mind open and think - what can i do? Oh, did i mention custom scripts?


    Guns, Guns, Guns

    NO. thats the 2 worded awnser. No guns. im deciding against it. A puzzle game with guns? no thanks man, im all good. The guns would just ruin the fun. ANd multiplayer would get hectic.



    this is something im really into doing. A co-op puzzle game. With a storyline attached. Play with friends on custom levels.. YES! More ideas the better. but the more i write this the more Harfatus begins to complain about the noise im making and stuff. But im more happy to code this and im getting new inventive ideas.


    Trello Board

    Yes, we have a trello board. i wont put it out just yet, as i really cant be bothered right now, but it does exist. So does a steam group (?) but again, cant be bothered and its not fully in place. most the ideas i listed here arent even on it or close. And the mobile app works like a windows xp machine that was originally built for MS-DOS. Not a good mix.




    Well, thats all from me this time. Hopefully you should see an update soon. I would continue typing but like i said, @Harfatus is complaining and my hands are sore.


    Enjoy the rest of your day reader,



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    I'm a scrub...

  9. The No Game No Life anime movie got green-lit.

    The staff made the announcement during the streamed MF Bunko J Summer School festival 2016 event on Sunday.

    Currently there are no near data's when the release of the anime movie will be.

    Yuu Kamiya drew the following picture to celebrate the news.


  10. I'm VAC Ban to CS:GO...

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