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Araytha's Graphics Blog


Welcome to araythas GFX Blog, Where i will be posting updates regarding content i create.

I will also be releasing my content such as the following-


GFX Packs

Social Media Packs

Streaming Packs

Website Packs



Leaving pirateperfection

As of now i will no longer be helping out on pirate perfection, I have been thinking about leaving for a while now, and now i have made the choice that i will be leaving Pirateperfection, Also i will still keep in contact with Piratecaptain, and a few of the moderators, but i will no longer be working with Pirateperfection. 

The reason i am leaving is, i am going to be attending university and will no longer be able to help out around here. It was a hard choice to leave pirateperfection but one that had to be made for me also while attending university i am also planning on moving to Canada with my girlfriend, so again will have no time to do what pp needs.

Thank you to @PirateCaptain for giving me a chance to help out around here, and thanks to the members for supporting Pirateperfection