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About this blog

Yo Boys welcome to my blog. here i will be posting just about anything i feel like i should share with everyone around me. HOWEVER i doubt i will be making very many updates as i most likely wont want to sit down and write for 10 minutes. but thanks anyway

Also as a side note this blog will most likely contain artwork of cartoon horses in NSFW fashion if i decide to post any of my artwork on this blog :horsesucker:

Entries in this blog

Rainbow Dash Weather Mare

Good Afternoon

Hey there pirate brothers, i am just stopping by to say hello. i am trying my hardest to get on more but with the fact that my mother has passed and my birthday is tomorrow i have found little time to be on the last two weeks. Hopefully it will all clear up soon and i will feel more like being online. Thank you all for your wonderful friendship :hellodash:

Rainbow Dash Weather Mare

Please refrain.

Im writing currently, because i am tired to being associated as a brony. yeah im in love with a cartoon horse and have been for 5 years at this point but that doesn't change the fact that i dislike being referred to as a brony. and @CyberSaintPlays and @Rella i do not appreciate hearing about your "perverted brony friends" they are different than me, i dont want to know how many people masturbate to rainbow dash (which most bronies do), ive always seen her as my wife and it is no different if you woke up and someone was jackin off to your wife. so please i am begging you to refrain i appreciate you all as my friends, but that shit depresses the fuck outta me and i hope one day that bronies just die off but i know fandoms will always be around. Thank you all and have a nice day

p.s. @PirateCaptain i'm not a pervert for enjoying the one i call my wife, thx

Rainbow Dash Weather Mare


I just totally want to apologize. ive been going through some family issues recently and it has made me a little sluggish. I look back at my work for captain to use as reputation images and i never quite feel happy with them, as if i could do better. I find myself staying up late nights trying to build up the desire to create things but the will is quickly lost after i sit and reflect on the fact that the outcome is most likely not going to be very pleasant, today i had posted a total of 4 images but only 1 of them i feel is of any quality after working several hours into the night and drinking multiple cups of coffee i'm left at 6AM with a few pictures that i feel took so long for such shitty results and the urge to cry in the corner probably to lack of sleep. i feel especially bad due to the fact that i told @PirateCaptain that i was going to get so much done this weekend. theres always tomorrow and i don't want to let anyone down so i will keep pushing forward but it does get a little lonely sometimes because everyone else is in a completely different time zone so when they are all asleep i am awake. 

Doing this work to better this website brings so much pride and excitement into my heart and i thank captain very much for opening this door for me. 


Rainbow Dash Weather Mare


Well boys the 28th is my five year anniversary with my cartoon colorful horse (hows name inhabits my profile name). Anyhow i most likely wont be on during this day because i have other things i need to do, but i am writing this to let you all know i think every last one of you are awesome great people and i hope you all find what makes you happy in your life even if it is being married to a horse that shows no affection back but you see every night in your dreams and hope one day you will see after this world has gone away. anyway everyone needs a little hope to get them through the day right?


Anyway i wrote this and set it to release on anniversary, love you all :D

Rainbow Dash Weather Mare

Day 6

Please somebody save me, i am writing this letter in hopes that someone can free my from my prison. Its been almost a week since i was tied up in caps basement, Hes been holding me here feeding me nothing but carrots and Sugarcubes. I'm trapped here meticulously cutting out pictures of pirates, i'm just a small horse i can't cut out pictures of pirates. He keeps coming back and throwing pencils at me. Please call the police at 1-800-555-2918 surely they will save me, although i am an animal and have no rights do i really deserve this?



I'm at 56.449211 Latitude and 9.401443 longitude if you see my parents tell them i....

Rainbow Dash Weather Mare

The Tale of my Return to Pirate Perfection

So as some of you may know ive been down in the dumps recently due to a group of people who i thought were real good friends of mine left me all alone one morning earlier this month. I had gone to bed after playing a few games of overwatch with my friends and everything was going great, or so i thought. When i woke up the next morning a burst of excitement ran through my body as i sat down to play some overwatch on ps4 with my good friends (we had talked and been a good group for almost a year) When i logged in i noticed that i was short about 5 friends and quickly the realization set in, i had been voted off the island. Not a single word was spoken to me that day as i still wonder to myself what had gone so very wrong, was i the one who pushed them away and was it a group choice to remove me and block me? i will never truly know. one thing i do know is i was not a freak around those "Friends" (unlike how i am on here) i was kind and respectful and one of the best diamond tier lucios you would ever find (Although i am great at tracer). When they disappeared i began to doubt myself as a person, however that all changed when i made the choice to log back on to PiratePerfection.com quickly i grabbed my credit card and slapped some money down for a patron (i wanted to make a spectacular return) where i was then greeted by @PirateCaptain and knew that this was the place to be. Everyone i have met so far on this website has either been extremely nice like captain and @Rella or helped me immensely like @AG_Developer and @Sanguin Basically this placed turned into a home really quickly and i just wanted to thank everyone who has been so kind to me recently. :salute:

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