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The joys of having a website

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21st century pirate tales

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Lonely work

I love working on this website no doubt about that BUT... it's lonely work

I miss my old job, having colleagues around me all the time, being part of a IRL community and the ups and down it entails.
I've been working to make this website a success for the last 3 years and I succeeded but it comes at a cost I see now, I missed out on that precious human interaction that comes with having a real life job, and now I'm starving for human interaction.

Teamspeak, Chat and all the other are good substitutes for life but it's just not enough, so I have have decided I had enough, I will start looking for a real job now with real coworkers and talks around the watercooler, if I don't do it now I'm afraid the absence from IRL will make it impossible to return to being a whole human and my depression might return with a vengeance, the first signs are already showing and I'm scared to be honest, NO FUKIN WAY i'll drive myself into homelessness again.

Today I beat my fear of exposure and sent a picture of myself as part of a job application, it was hard I must admit, my paranoid was kicking me all the time while taking the pictures and importing them into my pc.
I have to do this I'm aware to get some colleagues and try claw my way back to normalcy and enjoy life again, I can no longer hide behind my keyboard and pretend its real life despite how comfy it might be.

Gonna start again slowly, found a decent job close to my home where I don't have to show my flawed self to too many people on the commute and it's something I love doing, I would be helping people get the right computer for their needs just like old time when I worked in custom pc manufacturing but this time I would have a lot more public interaction, which will be good to test my own limits in regards to public exposure.

I might fail hard and come crawling back asap, but at least I will give it a try now, and get a feel for how bad my paranoia has become.

Wish me luck!



Mallcrasher Budapest

Evolving story, will edit and update when hangovers permit


Arrived in the early hours after a nice and uneventful flight with Ryanair.
I'm happy to say that the 737 did quite well on its own, and I did'nt need to pedal at all due to a neato tailwind, which made my trip faster that travelling from the airport across Budapest to my first meeting with the citys nightlife.

Harfatus did an excellent job teaching me how to order two large beers in the native tongue, and as the golden drops went down my language skills quickly improved and allowed me to start ordering stronger and larger mugs of grog.

The natives are kind and helpful and just as impossible to understand as finnish people, and the females seems to love my exotic accent which progressively became more and more alluring as my promille intensified. :martini:
There was only a few annoying people sitting next to us, they were loud and rudely backtalking people around them in the belief that nobody understood their foreign language, to my amusement and dismay I can reveal that they were danes like myself, and I could'nt help but eavesdrop on their drunken stupor.

... to be continued :soon: (need to find a pharmacy and a truckload of energydrinks) 

... several days later..
Beginning to like this place more and more, as I identified a energydrink dispensary nearby, and I also explored the local surroundings and found a quaint lil bakery/coffeeshop (not the dutch kind sadly) which fulfills my caffeine needs for about 1€

Been to the mall a few times for some gluteus maximus straining bowling, which made my thumb hurt like a mofo and caused me to walk like a trucker for the last few days, also got myself a new Hungarian phonenumber at vodaphone (yes they are even here) because my danish one was not proper setup before I left (feel free to call me @ +36 06 70 238 2797 if you need tips on cheap booze outlets, and shoddy hotel directions)
Compared to Denmark, the weather here is awesome, no snow or frost yet :wookie:, so I'm less and less keen on returning home destined for fighting nasty street penguins, and only seeing women covered in 3 layers of wooly clothing.

Lesson learned today, cheese here is called shite and I felt a bit weirded out when I went to the bakery asking for a shite sandwich, the bread was good luckily, and the cheese although tasteless was not shitty at all.

Harfatus and I have been visiting a whole bunch of bars, from the overprised boutique bar which served some sweet ass drinks for about 4€, to the cheapest 24/7 streetbars which seems very popular with the young crowd here, maybe due to the fact that you can get ½liter of decent beer for about 1€, and during our travel have spent quite a few premium member donations expanding our horisonts.

One the street quite a few girls have asked my straight up if I want to have sex, and I was beginning to feel like a fucking rockstar, right up until Harfatus said a little butthurt, that he found it odd that the prostitutes didnt ask him for the same service.

Had a fun little experience at one of the cheapo spots, some hipster tourist cut me off in the waiting line, proceeded to slowly order a shitload of beers and drinks in poor english and I could see where it was headed, so I gave up and went outside for a ciggy unknowing that karma was about to strike hard.
I was done smoking my cig and as I tossed it and made a quick turn on my heels I might have startled a guy coming out of the bar with a huge ass tray full of drinks, so that he banged his tray into a pole next to me and spilled half his giant order right in front of me, giving me a free shoeshine in the process.
I felt bad for the guy, until it dawned on me it was the same hipster schmuck who had cut me off, and had continued on to insult the bartender on his beer pouring skills which i learned from Harfatus who had been overhearing it all while i had been fixing my nicotine deficiency.

Karma is a bitch

.. need a break now, gonna work a little on our latest addition to the pirate sites family, piratevaping.com

ahhhhh all work and no play makes the piratecaptain a dull looter, soooo me and Harfatus went out yet again, this time for some great hungarian cuisine with the obligatory beers attached.
Following this hearty meal we returned to one of our pool halls called the black pool, the bartender there recognised us from our last visit and we got a tab rolling without even asking, very convenient and also a bit dangerous I later realised :D
Played a whole lot of pool, and used my remaining shrapnel (hungarian coins) on the jukebox, when harfatus came up with the brilliant idea that we fill the jukebox queue with Pink Floyd albums, this was worth its weight in gold when the spanish guys at the next table donning their finest sweatpants started adding songs, not realising we had hogged the bugger for the next hours already.

Going home tomorrow in my blisterboots and will end this story with a final entry once I'm home.
Now I'll try and watch the end of the movie Arrival without passing out (again) due to tremendous amounts of liver exercising, g'nite mateys! :naptime:

I got home, this is my final entry.... already miss that sweet hungarian beer











The chinese

I wanted to make it easier for the chinese users to join our forum, so what could be better than starting out with a neat little Tencent QQ login here on the forum.

Well, found me a friendly chinaman who helped me setup the API and get through the horrible untranslatable API request routine on QQ's Developer page.
Everything looking fine, API application was PERFECT, now I just need to wait and surely they would approve it but alas QQ has bigbrother aspirations.

This time the QQ reply message was a bit different, it was no longer automated and even harder to translate, but when I deciphered their msg I was stunned, it seems you cant get an API for simple login handling without having passport copies of the domain registrant.

Quote QQ - "Your website audit did not pass, because "no record and the server out of the country, must provide supporting information (and supporting information domain name registrant ID picture) sent to: connect@qq.com", make sure that the application meets the standards after the audit, submit review" / "您的网站审核未通过,原因是“无备案且服务器不在国内,需提供证明资料(证明资料及域名注册人身份证件图片)发送至:connect@qq.com”,请确认申请符合审核标准后,再提交审核"

They must be insane, I have setup API's for many a place but this takes the cake for abusive big brother behavior, and on principal I refuse to deal with QQ onwards thus removing the login through QQ for good.
I feel bad for the chinese if this is normal over there, I fail to see any valid reason for a company to demand photos and documents of the domain hosts unless they need them later for identification when the deathvan swing by if we hosted something big red dont approve of..

/rant off


Hired first robot

So finally had time to sit down and figure out the badge automation, and got the anniversary ones working.. this is getting interesting

What do I do, i go check for plugins doh, and the fucking rule plugin for automating shop routines is 55$, i should stop messing with forums and start writing overpriced plugins instead... holy moly
But hey it doesnt stop there, all the good stuff is in seperate packages... faarrk me sideways 

Oh now i have to submit this and see if i get myself a neato little badge as if by magic :P





So it seems we are currently being invaded by the dramaqueen squad.

After the recent shit hit the fan quite a few people are trying to piss off myself & my moderators, and all I can say to that is I'm backing my moderators 100%
We don't care how much shit the queens try to stir up, those who are left on our team are helpful, polite and we share info on our users if they are rude or worse.

This mean that in 99.99% of all cases where moderators ban or tempban someone, it wont help to come crying to an administrator, its easier to accept the punishment or risk it getting permanent if continuing to try cause a commotion.

Personally I HATE banning people and luckily it has happend very rarely until lately, but as in most cases there is a silver lining.
Our teamspeak is soon proxy proof, bullshit email providers are banned from creating accounts and our spam filters are baws by now.

No amount of money or bribes will work on us, we do this for fun and giggles and we a doing pretty damn well imho, we are still adfree and have the means to expand when time permits and we feel its beneficial to our users.

If you are one of the queens reading this :gtfo: and if you are a normal well behaved crewmember thanks for sticking with us through good and bad.. there is much more good to come than ban ;)






Admin Breakup Debacle

Soo, what a mess

Bad news: We lost 900$ we saved up and @Simplity is leaving
Good news: Rank is leaving and no data was lost or stolen.

I woke up yesterday and found out our paypal account all admins shared access to, had its password changed.
It didn't take long to find out it was Rank who changed it, because he also change the associated email to that same PayPal account which only he had access to.

After a bit of chatting with Rank it became clear it was an attempt on his side to demand a fixed 600$ monthly salary and he wanted to exert control over what I was able to use our paypal donations for.
This was totally inappropriate coming from a guy who rarely visits or works on this site, and has no involvement in the important day2day workings of the site. (His most important piece of work for pp was setting up the paypal account when I was homeless)

The main grief was of course money, mostly me buying takeaway and "funneling" money away as he put it (yes I did move money away because I saved them up away from Ranks reach, and boy am I happy I did so now)
The sad part in all this is Rank got the all money, all the DRM free games and a nice gtx970 + a VR Headset + god knows how many steam games and csgo skins, and Simplity got nothing.

Shortly after I kicked rank out, he tried to takeover this website by deleting my account and removing all content I had made, he made two new admin accounts to try secure him a backdoor, then he turned to facebook where he set our fb page to deleting.
None of his efforts helped him though, as we quickly rolled back forum to a safe state where I could login as the only person and start removing him and his uploads, which I no longer considered safe.

As a result of this I will remove all Simplity's works once they become outdated + the Unturned trainer is no longer a sale item, and we will just hold on to our payday 2 trainer and concentrate on creating the best forum for us all for now until the dust settles.

My will to work on this place has take a downturn from losing a friend I valued a lot, @Simplity was with me working on every project since the beginning and will be dearly missed.
I will do my best however to keep my chin up and keep this community running in the same spirit as always... free, anonymous and filled to the brim with all the best plugins and applications. 

Lesson learned, do NOT mix money and friendship..





Never losing my religion

Never had a religion, so dont have to worry about losing anything (aside my love to a REM song)

no hell, no church taxes, no mandatory meetings on sundays, no horrorstories told as a kid.... actually having a really hard time just finding a good reason for religion.

ps. i renamed the religious group to atheists muahahaha


The Faq

Starting to wonder if FAQ sounds too much like fag, and homophobia makes crewmembers avoid it until being *gently* directed there.

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