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All about Animes.

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No Game No Life anime movie

The No Game No Life anime movie got green-lit.

The staff made the announcement during the streamed MF Bunko J Summer School festival 2016 event on Sunday.

Currently there are no near data's when the release of the anime movie will be.

Yuu Kamiya drew the following picture to celebrate the news.



Know the tags

Having trouble finding the right anime? With this tags you will find for sure the anime you'r looking for!

I will help out!




  • A young or young acting girl, flat-chested smaller character.


  • A small cute boy or looks at least like a small boy.


  • A old childhood friend, with some respect for each other.




  • A silent and shy character, which shows very little emotions in public. He / She is in focus.


  • A aggressive character against beloved people, but shy and cautious when alone with another person. He / She is in focus.


  • A character which shows strong love to his beloved, but falls into a psychotic because the beloved disappoint her love, where she will act sometimes aggressive. She is in focus.


  • A character which is personally, cute, lovely, gently and nice. He / She is in focus.


  • A character which act cold to other people, dull, cynically and unapproachable who is completely uninterested to beloved, but inwardly compassionate and nice is. He / She is in focus.

Genki Girl

  • A female character, which own way to many energy.


  • A character who is cute and innocent with characteristics like speech impediment or secretiveness.




  • A protagonist who is dumbly, specially in theme love. He doesn't recognizes when someone loves him.


  • A protagonist who wants to fight to the top through tournaments and rivalry.


  • A protagonist who is a real otaku.




  • Cat girl with like cat ears and / or cat tail.



Know the genres

Always wondered what some of this genres really mean?

I will help out!




  • Main focus are boys between age 10-18. Adventure, fantasy, action or a mixture of all three genres are presented here.


  • Main focus are adult men's here. Comparable with Shounen, but with the difference that the action is more interesting for adult men's.


  • Love between young men's, which focus is on emotion and act. Sexual action isn't in focus.


  • Men-Men love in sexual direction.




  • Main focus are girls between age 10-18. Social and Romantic, but can be also horror as long it's for the age.


  • Main focus are adult women's here. Comparable with Shoujou, but with the difference that the action is more interesting for adult women's.


  • Love between young women's, which focus is on emotion and act. Sexual action isn't in focus.


  • Women-Women love in sexual direction.


Love / Sexuality


  • Love in triangle relationship, where the main protagonist is in foreground. Sexuality isn't in focus.


  • Sexual intimation.


  • Sexual action.



"Monster Musume" Miia upcoming Statue

Volume 10 of the Monster Musume manga was released in Japan on June 13. Also, author Okayado will be a guest at this weekend's Anime Expo.

Monster Musume is getting some official figures.

The release isn't scheduled or priced yet.

A painted prototype of the 20cm statue of Miia is already available to see on pictures.

a0a7ea85a83e9fd81b6ed4d159617fa41467214918_full.jpg 00f51e64a1fe25b789b0b53aac3e74051467214930_full.jpg


Many people having problems finding the right material in the beginning, be it for your bed sheets, dakimakura cover case, pillow cover case... and much more.

I employee myself with this theme the last days and learned a lot.

On many websites the rating is different, but there is a clear winner.


The fabric material rating.

Fabric: Peach Skin

  • Softness........:  ★★★
  • Smoothness...: ★★★★★
  • Thickness......: ★★★★
  • Durability......: ★★★★★
  • Clarity...........: ★★★★★

Features: Smooth surface, like leather
Wash: Hand wash or machine wash
Dry: Sun-dried or tumble dry low


Fabric: Plush Fabric (Natural Velvet)

  • Softness........: ★★★★★
  • Smoothness...: ★★
  • Thickness......: ★★★★★
  • Durability......: ★★★
  • Clarity...........: ★★★

Features: Short plush surface, feel soft & warm
Wash: Put it in the laundry bag and wash
Dry: Natural dry in the shade


Fabric: Polyester (Japanese Textile)

  • Softness........: ★★★★
  • Smoothness...: ★★★★
  • Thickness......: ★★★★
  • Durability......: ★★★★
  • Clarity...........: ★★★★

Features: Twill (smooth surface)
Wash: Hand wash or machine wash
Dry: Sun-dried or tumble dry low


Fabric: Smooth Knit

  • Softness........: ★★★★
  • Smoothness...: ★★★★★
  • Thickness......: ???
  • Durability......: ★★★★
  • Clarity...........: ★★★★★

Features: ???
Wash: ???
Dry: ???


Fabric: 2WAY Tricot 

  • Softness........: ★★★★★
  • Smoothness...: ★★★★★
  • Thickness......: ★★★
  • Durability......: ★★★★
  • Clarity...........: ★★★★★

Feature: Super smooth & soft, high elasticity and wrinkle-resistant
Wash: Use neutral detergent & hand wash only (Do not use detergent that contains whitener or bleach)
Dry: Natural dry in the shade


Many of this Materials got their good and bad sides, it's also a question of how many you want to pay for it.

But the clear winner is 2WAY Tricot. It's the most soft material of all, the only thing on this material is that it needs more care.



Ever heard of the anime Ore Monogatari!!?

The romance anime got their own movie since a while, in Live-Action format.

If you didn't heard of this anime yet and still looking for an romance anime, is this anime perfect to watch.

But let me start first with the Live-Action trailer.

The movie loses some details of the anime but is still interesting to watch.

The anime itself got 24 episodes. The manga has 30 chapters.
I can recommend this anime personally to everyone who's looking for an romance currently.

Original Title: Ore Monogatari!!
Eng. Title: My Love Story!!
Jap. Title: 俺物語!!



Liberty Anime Con in NYC

Liberty City Anime Con is coming. From Aug. 19 to 21, anime fans and cosplayers can hang out with other animation lovers at the Crowne Plaza Times Square, at 1605 Broadway.

  • Crowne Plaza Times Square
  • August 19-21, Times Square
  • Over 100 Events and Panels
  • A Dozen Guests and Entertainers
  • Three Days of Cosplay
  • Game Tournaments and Anime Screenings
  • Concerts, Balls, and Dances
  • Super cheap admission prices

► A ticket is necessary to join. 

► Admission is $60, which covers entry for all three days. 

► Unlike the NYC Comic Con, this is an anime con, therefore you're a bit more likely to see Sailor Moon costumes than superhero costumes. 

► Though the convention is in August, it's wise to purchase tickets as soon as possible. 


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