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Clients from Hell

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Most of the writing services I offer are helping develop people’s ideas. One such case was for a...

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Most of the writing services I offer are helping develop people’s ideas. One such case was for a series of animations for Youtube.

Client: I need you to help me develop my story’s plot, characters, dialogue and so on.

Me: Sure, no problem. I do need this weekend off to take care of some family issues.

Client: So you’re quitting?

Me: No! Of course not. I just need the weekend, but I’ll resume work immediately.

Client: You need to answer me:  are you working for me?

Me: I am! I will! I just need this weekend off. I have a family issue to take care of.


 I guess I could allow it. I mean, I have a personal life, family, and other businesses to tend to.

Me: Okay.

Client: But I need to know if you’ll work for me.

Me: …Yes, I will.

Later on, I discovered that I wasn’t the first writer they had on board. The four before me (as well as other freelancers) had a tendency to quit…

At one point, they sent me three scripts (or what I think were scripts) to work with.

Client:  I need you to flesh the script out.

Me:  Er, which one? What do you mean by flesh out?

Client:  Flesh out. It means to “expand and develop.” You’re a writer, you should know this.

Me:  I know what it means, but I wasn’t sure what in particular you wanted developed. Also, which script do I need to work on?

Client: The one I sent.

Me:  You sent three.

Client:  Will talk later. Other business.

My breaking point came when they wanted me to adapt scenes straight from another show, but alter the dialogue to fit. I can deal with a lot, but I draw the line at plagiarism.

Me:  I can’t work on this project anymore. I’m sorry. I have a day job to think about. I hope you find another writer.

Client: I took this personally at first, but I understand. You’d be surprised how many writers leave me. They need to know something about commitment. Commitment – noun – the state of being devoted to something such as a cause; a pledge or undertaking. I guess without money, people take on the instincts of beasts. No disrespect meant towards you of course. Thankfully, I have a better sense of professionalism. I’ll pay your fee. I wish you the best.

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Source: Clients from Hell

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