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Clients from Hell

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A returning customer who is a repeat offender for wanting last minute orders of hand written sheets...

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A returning customer who is a repeat offender for wanting last minute orders of hand written sheets typed up ASAP came in the other day. Her handwriting is atrocious and her spelling is worse. What’s more, she always tries to argue in the price and the deadline, but she tries to come off as either flirty or as if she has known you forever and you should do her just this one little favor just this once.

She brings in a handwritten “Legal Contract” she needs typed and printed.

Client: I need this typed and printed in triplicate for a meeting at 9am tomorrow.

Me: I’m sorry but all of my staff, including myself, are already working on a large rush order project that is due tomorrow afternoon.  I won’t have anyone available who can typeset until tomorrow afternoon.

Client: But I HAVE to have it first this tomorrow!  Thus is a huge deal for my company!

Me: If you could type it out we can easily print it for you, I just don’t have anyone available to type it for you.

Client: But my daughter lost the power cord to my laptop so I can’t use it.  Maybe I can get my bookkeeper to type it.

She pulls out her phone and calls her bookkeeper and starts to use the same flirty/you have known me forever just do me this one favor approach in her bookkeeper.  After some arguing she comes back to the service counter.

Client: I can get her to type it up.

Me: Great, once it is done email it over to this address.

Client: OK. I just need one copy, in triplicate.

Me: Like 3 part carbonless?  Where you write in one and it gets imprinted in the other 2?  We have a minimum run if 25 on carbonless forms.

Client: Fine, just run me 3 copies!

The email comes in just before we closed and it’s a photograph of a computer screen taken from her smart phone.  

Client: My bookkeeper couldn’t email so will this work?  Can you proof read it and clean it up a bit?

Source: Clients from Hell

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