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Clients from Hell

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Normally I work as a technical illustrator, but my cousin asked if I would make banners for their...

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Normally I work as a technical illustrator, but my cousin asked if I would make banners for their boss’ business. It turns out he wasn’t doing my any favors bringing me this job.

First of all, all the assets they sent me (photos, logo, etc) were sent in a word document and 2 inches wide. They were meant to go on a 5 foot banner.

Me: These files are completely unsuitable for the purpose. Please send me larger files. Or, if you’d like, I can reproduce them at a higher resolution for additional charge.

The client never responded, just kept making additional requests without acknowledging what I’d said. I shrugged, redid the logo, and kept working.

Me: These are all last minute changes. I’m happy to do them, but I have to charge you extra because I will be pulling overtime to get them done.

Client: Just change it and send them to the printers.

I finished the job and sent an invoice. NOW the client decided to speak up.

Client: I don’t feel the extra charges you made is appropriate. We supplied you with the files we needed. You didn’t need to do anything to them.

Me: All the files you sent me were too small, and would have looked like garbage blown up to banner size. Please see my previous emails about the additional cost for these changes.

Client: The original files were good enough, and I don’t see why I should incur additional charges when I supplied you with everything you needed. Also, you shouldn’t charge me for those late revisions. They were all things I asked for from the beginning: I was just insisting that they be there. You should only charge me for revisions if they were for major changes.

I only got half the money I asked for as despite all the emails and communication they still refused to pay me for the changes they requested.

I still haven’t forgiven my cousin for bringing this CFH to me.

Needless to say, Christmas will be awkward

Source: Clients from Hell

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