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Clients from Hell

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Had a long-time client email me with a request for a website. I requested content, images, and...

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Had a long-time client email me with a request for a website. I requested content, images, and logo file to start. He didn’t have anything. Instead, he just sent me links to a few of his competitor’s sites:

Client: Have a look at these and get back to me when you have something. I can’t answer too many questions – I’m a busy man.

I put a week into keyword searches, competitor analysis, and site comparison, and figured out what a site in his field would need. I put together a draft with stock composite images (he still hadn’t sent me any content), and sent it for approval on direction.

Client: Yes, please get it posted as I have people asking me about this site.


Me: It’s not quite ready to go up. Also, now is when you would request any changes you might want. Please call me so we can discuss changes so I can move ahead.

No response. He is, after all, a busy man. 

I sent several follow-ups over the next few days. Nothing (he’s VERY BUSY). I kept working on the site and started to get close to completion. I sent a link to get some feedback, once again requesting that he call me.

No response. It’s okay, I think. He’s a very busy man. It’s Friday. Maybe he’s not checking his email.

Monday: no response.

Tuesday: no response. I send another follow-up email.

Wednesday I finally get a response:

Client: I looked through it and I have to say I’m really disappointed. Please take a look at this website. This site was done in-house in about 3 hours and under $100. I believe this site is far superior to what you sent me. Please explain as I gave you competitor site links and the site you sent me isn’t even close.

I heard my heart pounding in my ears. I wanted feedback, but this was a little much for this late in the project.

Then I looked at the “under $100” site, which he hadn’t sent me before. It was done by his wife, using a free service template – which isn’t bad, except it wasn’t mobile friendly, the pages weren’t formatted correctly, and the font size on all the content was so small I actually had to increase my monitor’s settings to read it.

I responded to ask for more detailed criticisms of the draft. He didn’t respond. He still hasn’t responded. So I revamped the site, and resent that for approval. I’m still waiting.

He is, a busy man.

Source: Clients from Hell

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