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Clients from Hell

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89 Vintage typefaces for $17 — 95% off!

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This week’s deal is huge savings on a collection of fantastic fonts.

> Just take a look. They’re super cool. Dare I call them “badical”?


I do. I DO dare. That’s because these 89 typefaces across 21 font families capture vintage looks from multiple eras, letting you nail looks for all kinds of designs. Want to evoke the roadside attractions of Route 66? Try Andre’s Diner. Aiming for the weathered, nautical look of the shipyard? Use Authentico MMXV or Navy Queen. Use Prizefighter for a casual art deco look, or Midnight Owl for a hand-drawn serif elegance. 

All of these fonts would sell for $332 altogether, but for just a few more days you can get all 89 for $17  — which is a small price to pay for adding this much variety to your toolkit! 

> Check out the deal here. 

Source: Clients from Hell

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