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Clients from Hell

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I was asked by a local landscaper to design some signage for the fencing on the perimeter of his...

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I was asked by a local landscaper to design some signage for the fencing on the perimeter of his premises. After eight revisions (usually asking me to add more and more information to the designs), the client finally signed off and told me to go to print, so I contacted a local signmaker, and agreed on a price with them which would allow me to make a reasonable profit based on the price I’d quoted the customer.

Everything went swimmingly, including the installation, and the client seemed to be very happy, so I sent off my invoice.

A month later, it hadn’t been paid, so I contacted the client, who assured me it would be paid soon. Two months later, still no joy, and by this time, I had the signmakers beginning to breathe down my neck for their payment.

I contacted the client again:

Client: The colors on the signage don’t match the colors on our vans!

Me: I wasn’t made aware of any specific color requirements other than the Pantone colors used in the logo.

Client: Well, the colors don’t match and we’re not happy. I don’t think we should have to pay for such poor quality graphics.

Turns out the graphics on their vans were applied four years ago and had obviously faded over time. He was unhappy that the new graphics didn’t match because they hadn’t faded.

After quite a bit of back and forth, it became fairly obvious that they were stalling for time because they couldn’t afford to pay, so by the end of October (almost four months later) I had no option but to come to a deal with the signmaker that covered their costs (they gave me a good deal because they were pretty certain that they could reuse the aluminium panels, but it still left me out of pocket) and have them go out and remove the signage.


Me: No, they removed my property, as you haven’t actually paid me for the work.

Client: Ohhhh…

Source: Clients from Hell

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