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The joys of having a website

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So it seems we are currently being invaded by the dramaqueen squad.

After the recent shit hit the fan quite a few people are trying to piss off myself & my moderators, and all I can say to that is I'm backing my moderators 100%
We don't care how much shit the queens try to stir up, those who are left on our team are helpful, polite and we share info on our users if they are rude or worse.

This mean that in 99.99% of all cases where moderators ban or tempban someone, it wont help to come crying to an administrator, its easier to accept the punishment or risk it getting permanent if continuing to try cause a commotion.

Personally I HATE banning people and luckily it has happend very rarely until lately, but as in most cases there is a silver lining.
Our teamspeak is soon proxy proof, bullshit email providers are banned from creating accounts and our spam filters are baws by now.

No amount of money or bribes will work on us, we do this for fun and giggles and we a doing pretty damn well imho, we are still adfree and have the means to expand when time permits and we feel its beneficial to our users.

If you are one of the queens reading this :gtfo: and if you are a normal well behaved crewmember thanks for sticking with us through good and bad.. there is much more good to come than ban ;)





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