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What's Been Going On



So, Yeah, First Post :P


Alright, lets get down to the info... I'm becoming really Depressed.

What's causing the depression? Life Events.


Ok, I'm going to admit, the recent things that have happened on here and all the insults and general bullshit, is one point. Not very large point, may I add. But its there, it exists, and its making me that little bit depressed.


Here comes a big point, the loose ends I'm tying up from a few years ago, when I hit total depression and suicidal thoughts circled my head every 2 seconds, are being tied up. The problem is, its causing new problems come up. nothing too major. keep reading and you'll find out.


And here you find out, the MOTHER of points, and to make it stand out of all the points its going to be really big and fancy


Fuck me that was big. But yeah, here I go into a little bit of detail


So what's happening is that my manager and overall supervisor of the entire café left. This left everyone wanting to leave, 2 chefs, 1 deli, a few waitresses and 2 dish guys (me and a friend)

Everyone is planning to leave, while me and my friend, Jamie, cant. He's 15, so he can wait a year or so. Me? 2 years. There are perks of being 14, but hell you wont hear this from a 14 year old. Wanting to work? See a doctor. News mate, I've seen a doctor, and it escalated to a fucking councillor. But that was a few years ago. The meetings ended only at the start of this years summer.  They are SO FUCKING SURE I wont have the thoughts or deep depression again, oh how wrong where they. Its going down that path though (I expect the beyondcunts to use this against me, here we fucking go. Forward your complaints to my PM box, leave everyone else alone).

So now my hours have been cut. Great. I no longer work Saturday and Sundays Sat 9 - 5 and Sunday 9:30 - 6. Its 9:30 till 3 Sunday only. that's went down from almost 17 hrs per week to 6. Ehrm mate, I mean boss, no. just no. Same with Jamie, his hours have been cut too on Saturdays.  He gets to work full on Fridays until end of holidays. That means wages are down from about 60 pounds (Merican Keyboard) to 20. And my other mate, Ben, who I managed to get him a job there, got sacked from Sundays. For not being busy enough. God help me.


This gives me a entirely new point to talk about - MONEY PROBLEMS. I pay for Patron, My Much Much loved Spotify and Glowname, and 2 Webservers. That's about 10 quid every month. I wont even start about paying off the 400 for my trip in January as dad is no longer gonna pay the other half. he pays half, I say I don't want to go to his, he no longer pays. Hell for all I know its more than 400. about 500. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF---


I lost what I was saying, fuck. So yeah, Insult me all you want as I really do not give a fuck. Really, your doing yourself and me a favour that way, gives me more reasons on why to use the rope rather than OD on some cheap drug sold by a shady guy round the corner. If I find that corner....


This post in no way says I wont be paying for the 10 GBP every month, it just says if I go offline for about a months time you know what happened. Look on the Bo'ness Newspapers for a 14 year old suicide. Maybe they'll add more than 1 paragraph worth of bullshit saying "A 14 YEAR OLD COMMITED SUICIDE YESTERDAY IN BONESS. THE END."


If anyone wants more info about things like WHY TF YOU EVEN THINKING ABOUT THIS or anything else, forward to my steam. And unless you say who you are on the forums and I can confirm that, and I like you, you can get forwarded to that trash can that's been renamed BC for obvious fucking reasons.


The above hell of a post also states why I'm going to be really inactive, if you need any help or support forward on PM with a tag that clearly states you need help, or get on steam and do it there instead.


..I really need to go get a life...

...but I cant afford it...




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Mate I hope all gets better for you and this can all be sorted soon for you sorry to hear that this is going on

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7 hours ago, Jazza6256 said:

Mate I hope all gets better for you and this can all be sorted soon for you sorry to hear that this is going on

Thanks. Its appreciated. 

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