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Clients from Hell

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I work for a small online business and when I’m not haphazardly attempting to code through an...

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I work for a small online business and when I’m not haphazardly attempting to code through an eCommerce platform that uses its own language, I get the opportunity to exercise my design muscles, which is what I went to college for. Not web programming.

Client: I don’t like all this dead space. Let’s add a Table of Contents to our Newsletter to entice the customer.

Me: Since I’m using MailChimp Template Editor, I’m unable to put text next to the image in the way you are requesting.

Client: I don’t think the coupon should be the first thing people see. I think we should advertise the new products first. Can you add a second button next to the first one? After all, it’s two new products.

Me: No, I cannot add a button next to the other. As I’ve already made note, Mailchimp Template editor does not allow for that much customization

Side note: I am aware of the custom HTML upload, but this newsletter is already three months late. I am only trying to help redesign the look and feel, I’m in no way responsible actual delivery of the newsletter. That falls to another coworker of mine, which is a story for another time.

Client: You mean you can’t just drop in a box of text or place a button next to the other one?

I show him what options are available, so he comes up with a new course of action.

Client: Okay. But we need to make sure we get that Table of Contents in there.

Me: Are you sure? The newsletter is 600 words long. I’ve never seen a table of contents in a newsletter and I don’t think anyone would expect one.

Client: Let’s put it next to our logo.

I do it, begrudgingly. As a result, the logo is pushed to the side, naturally.

Client: Do you think you could center the logo vertically?

Me: If I remove the Table of Contents.

Client: I need another solution.

> Want to know if freelancing is for you?

Source: Clients from Hell

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