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Clients from Hell

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I completed a website for a client and gave him extensive tutorials on how to post on it, Twitter,...

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I completed a website for a client and gave him extensive tutorials on how to post on it, Twitter, and Facebook. He was very difficult to work with and had a tough time “getting it” – I spent hours with him and also supplied him with step by step instructions and template PSD files. He paid the website portion up front but in the end, seemed to decide that he didn’t want to pay me the balance.

Me: Hello. I hope you’re well.  I thought I’d check in to see if there has been any progress on your end in paying the balance invoice. As I’m sure you’re aware of I spent many hours, over and above the website build portion of the job, explaining and teaching you how all the parts work along with step by step instructions.  This is something that was decided and agreed upon at the start your project so naturally I expected you to live up to your end of this agreement and pay the balance of the now outstanding invoice. I’ve emailed you several times broaching the outstanding invoice issue and you have not responded which is something I didn’t expect.  Please forward the payment of $1107.50 so I can wrap up this job and close my 2015 books.   I have attached the invoice again since you mentioned you had trouble “opening the PDF” I previously sent. Attached is a PDF once again and a JPG, PNG, and GIF so there should be no issue on your end with not being able to read the invoice format.  Thanks.

Client:  I’ll speak to you in a couple of days I don’t have the time to read your e-mail right now. 

After repeated emails back to him I still have no response yet I see his activity daily on FB.  

He likes to post photos of kittens.

> Want to know if freelancing is for you?

Source: Clients from Hell

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