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The joys of having a website

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The chinese

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I wanted to make it easier for the chinese users to join our forum, so what could be better than starting out with a neat little Tencent QQ login here on the forum.

Well, found me a friendly chinaman who helped me setup the API and get through the horrible untranslatable API request routine on QQ's Developer page.
Everything looking fine, API application was PERFECT, now I just need to wait and surely they would approve it but alas QQ has bigbrother aspirations.

This time the QQ reply message was a bit different, it was no longer automated and even harder to translate, but when I deciphered their msg I was stunned, it seems you cant get an API for simple login handling without having passport copies of the domain registrant.

Quote QQ - "Your website audit did not pass, because "no record and the server out of the country, must provide supporting information (and supporting information domain name registrant ID picture) sent to: [email protected]", make sure that the application meets the standards after the audit, submit review" / "您的网站审核未通过,原因是“无备案且服务器不在国内,需提供证明资料(证明资料及域名注册人身份证件图片)发送至:[email protected]”,请确认申请符合审核标准后,再提交审核"

They must be insane, I have setup API's for many a place but this takes the cake for abusive big brother behavior, and on principal I refuse to deal with QQ onwards thus removing the login through QQ for good.
I feel bad for the chinese if this is normal over there, I fail to see any valid reason for a company to demand photos and documents of the domain hosts unless they need them later for identification when the deathvan swing by if we hosted something big red dont approve of..

/rant off

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