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Clients from Hell

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I have been a graphic designer for 6 years, but recently I graduated from a dev bootcamp. I...

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I have been a graphic designer for 6 years, but recently I graduated from a dev bootcamp. I was looking for clients that needed a website to get some experience under my belt. One day I get a phone call from a Mexican restaurant whose owner who needs a website. He didn’t speak English very well (I only mention this because it’s relevant to the story) and asked me to go meet him at his establishment.

Me: So what are you hoping to accomplish with this website?

Client: Well, I would like to bring more Americans to the restaurant, and when they come, they will try different dishes other than tacos, chimichangas, you know? We have really good dishes here.

Me: Oh that’s a great idea. If attracting American customers is the goal, I guess you’ll want the website to be in English?

Client: No, I want it in Spanish.

Me: Well, if you want more Americans to come to your restaurant, an English website would help. Why don’t we make it bilingual?

Client: Hmmm…. That could work, I think.

Me: Do you have any photos of the food to showcase on the site?

Client: Oh, do you think the website would need pictures?

Me: …Yes. Look at other restaurant websites, they always have picture of their best dishes. If you need some quality photos, I have a photographer friend who is good and very affordable.

Client: How much are you going to charge me for this? I already spent a lot on radio promos and advertisement. 

Me: Well, for the design and then creating the website it’s going to be $800.

Client: Oh no, that’s too much. I was hoping I could pay you with food.

Me: I don’t really like Mexican food that much, sorry, but I think I can offer you a solid return on your investment. To compare, what radio stations are you advertising on?

He started listing Latin radio stations.

I think I know why he’s not getting any American customers.

Want to know if freelancing is for you? 

Source: Clients from Hell

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