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Clients from Hell

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This is an email I received from a woman who wanted to get free website building, branding, and...

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This is an email I received from a woman who wanted to get free website building, branding, and promotion work. It’s been edited only to preserve privacy.

Client: I’m thinking that the relationship between us would be beneficial for us both even though there isn’t pay involved.  I think we can both learn from each other.  Since you are just starting out, I can help you get better - just out of sheer experience and since I’ve learned a lot in the areas of English and writing (mostly through home schooling my kids) and even with advertising (as a consumer).  I may not know what’s new and hot out there in the marketing world - or how to use it - but I know a bit about how people perceive images, and writing, etc. etc. And I know about photography - just can’t seem to get it out there because of my issues with computers!  There is a lot to learn in the area of photography.  It’s a TON harder than people think.  And obviously I could learn from you as you are actually going to school for graphic design.  It will be an honest relationship with the intent of getting better as we go - a team mentality.  We’d be working together to promote [my product] and you would be benefitting by learning how to do this for a company - by doing it!  If we get this thing going great it will look awesome on your resume. And I know that businesses don’t hang their hats much on hiring people solely because of their degree.  More than anything, they want to know that you are already doing the things in your field.  They see good work done by you - and THAT will impress them.  They want people with hands on experience and knowledge. So I think we could greatly benefit from one another.

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Source: Clients from Hell

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