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Clients from Hell

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I was working as a freelance 3D model artist. One of my clients was this publicist who was...

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I was working as a freelance 3D model artist. One of my clients was this publicist who was outsourcing me. When I started, I was paid under the table. Eventually, though, I partnered with a friend`s architectural firm doing the same job but now everything was transparently on the up and up: taxes, receipts and all that. I brought all my clients with me, and most were happy for me. One day the publicist asked us to do a job so I sent him a quotation.

Client: What the hell is this?

Me: The cost for the job you requested us to do?

Client: Yes we agreed on 600 pesos but what is that extra value on the rendering?

Me: That´s 12% tax, which is an extra 72 pesos. Remember? I told you I would be working through that firm from now on, and this is part of that arrangement

Client: You’re changing the payment conditions? This is abusive.  Can’t you ignore the tax just for me? That value doesn´t even go to any of us, just the government. Also you charged me less before you partnered with your friends.

Me: I am not being abusive. We have to keep the lights on and do things right, but now you´ll have the guarantee of an accountable architecture office.

Client: I still don´t want to pay that much for that job. I already told my client the renderings would cost less and would be ready in two days.

Me: First off – I don´t like you agreeing on deadlines and prices with a client before asking me. If you don´t think we can agree on the tax issue maybe you should look for another provider.

Client: I never pay taxes for this kind of work, and I won´t let you make me lose this client. Aren’t you afraid that I’ll talk trash about you and your firm? I’m a publicist and I have many contacts in the industry. I could say you’re terrible to work with.

Me: I mean, I suppose you could, but I have you on record saying “I never pay taxes.” I doubt you want that getting to the tax man.

That shut him up. I received a text from him later in the afternoon.

Client: Thank you but we found another provider who is willing to work on our conditions.

I wished him luck and terminated our relationship. Over the next couple of weeks he kept calling and emailing me – I didn’t answer anything. Eventually he tricked me by using a different phone.

Me: Hello? Who is this?

Client: Hey! I´ve been searching for you everywhere! You don´t answer my calls or emails.

Me: I thought you had found another provider.

Client: He ripped me off! The renderings were delivered late and they’re terrible! I need you to help me! I don’t care about the tax thing just make them quickly!

Me: Ok. The best we can do is four days and we require an advance of 60%.

Client: Could you do it in two days? I´ll pay you 100% when they are finished.

Me: No, sorry.

Client: What? Why you don´t trust me. I´ll have the 672 pesos by then.

Me: It’s a rush job now. 800 pesos.

Client: Why are you raising the price from 600 to 800? Are you kidding me?

Me: No, that`s 600 for the rendering and 200 for the pleasure of working with you.

Client: Very funny.

He hung up. Later that afternoon I got this text:

Client: Fine! 800.  

I didn’t respond.

Remember: don’t work with people who don’t respect or value you. Also, never forget the power you have over a client with a deadline.

Want to know if freelancing is for you?

Source: Clients from Hell

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