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How Much Freelance Designers and Developers Make

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Bryce Bladon discusses an awards gala specifically for freelancers, how much designers and developers earn as freelancers, and a few ways designers and devs can earn even more.

Episode Summary

Bryce discusses:

  • The first annual Freelancers Unite Awards in Canada
  • Co-Op founder Adam Roach’s reasons for the awards
  • Matthew Brown, The Founder of Bonsai, a freelance invoice and contracting app
  • The big takeaways from the Bonsai’s freelance rate explorer:
    • Developers earn 30% more than designers.
    • The hourly rates of designers (especially graphic designers) remain sticky at under $60 an hour at all geographies and experience levels.
    • Developers quickly begin increasing their hourly rates after gaining 3 years of experience
    • Designers tend to increase their hourly rates at a slower pace.
    • The biggest increase in hourly rates happens when freelancers reach 3–5 years of experience
  • Ways to increase your rate, such as:
    • Proving the value of your services
    • Knowing and understanding your ideal client
    • Scheduling rate increases
    • Changing the philosophy that drives your prices

 Extra resources:

> Freelancers Unite Awards

> Freelance Rate Explorer

> The hourly rates of freelance designers and developers

> Bonsai

> 7 ways to raise your rates

> Make more money as a freelance designer

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