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Clients from Hell

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I am a junior graphic designer. A client asked me to design the menu for their new dishes. I did,...

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I am a junior graphic designer. A client asked me to design the menu for their new dishes. I did, and we scheduled a food photography session for the next day.

I’m a designer, not a photographer, but he insisted that I come for the photo shoot for some reason.

Client: The food will be ready in a few minutes. Please take out your camera and capture a beautiful shot. I want it to be perfect, like when you take a look at it, you will go hungry and wild!

Me: I’m sorry? I just want to remind that we agreed on me doing the design, not the photos. I didn’t even bring a camera other than the one in my phone. That’s not going to capture a quality photo for a professional menu. Isn’t there an actual photographer coming?

Client: There’s no need for a photographer, it’s too expensive. Doing a design without a photo is your problem, because you’ll have nothing to design. My problem is your problem, so you have to act now and do the job! It’s so simple! Just capture a photo then use it for the design and that’s it! Why do I even have to explain this? The food’s ready. Capture it now. Remember, I want the feeling of hunger to pop when I look at it!

T the wait staff brought the food on the table. The food was plainly placed on a plate, without any effort put into the presentation at all. It was just a plate of food, and not even a very attractive one at that.

Rather than fight, I took some photos with my phone. They weren’t bad, but… they weren’t good either.

Client: Great! Now you can start designing. Now, in those photos I find our dishes aren’t appealing. Please change them so that they look good on the plate.  

Me: Do you mean food plating?

Client: Yes! Do it! It’s design too, right? I want something like it.

Me: Graphic Design is different from plating. That’s something you do, well, on the plate, before you take the photo. Edited food plating wouldn’t look as great as an actual food plating.

Client: Why are you talking so much? My problem is your problem! Fix it. Just design it and show it to me!

I did my best to make an appealing design out of the photos I took that day. Surprise! The client didn’t like it.

In the end, he designed his own menu – in MS Paint.

Want to know if freelancing is for you? 

Source: Clients from Hell

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