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Disk space is going to be a problem + list of what I edit with.



GFX editing takes space

While working on editing I've learned a lot of things.. Since this is one of my biggest projects it takes a lot of raw Video files.. Now if you know anything about video editing and recording, you'd know that unless you compress the video file, it will take alot of space especially when it's 1080p 60fps raw .avi files we are talking about. So I gotta figure buy a new hard drive... Doesn't matter that it's a HDD doe since I just need it to store files and not gaming/program files. To my luck, I can find some fairly cheap onces on amazon, so I might get my self a 6 TB HDD

My current list of recording software:

Color "codes": Good Meh Hellnah!

  • Nvidia shadow play/Nvidia share {Link}

Pros: Nvidia share provides a nice and easy to use GUI, nice video encoding and best of all, you can set it to "auto record". This will record the games you play and delete it after unless press your hotkey that will save it in a acceptable file size! Allows for 1080p (maybe over) 60fps and won't affect your gaming experience too much. Can record your desktop too! FREE!!!

Cons: Not raw files (encoded but a good one that doesn't make it look like shit), will affect you frames a tiny but. In my experience it has a tendencies to crash at times. Needs a GTX gpu that's not allowed to be too old!

Pros: Easy to use (and crack :^) but It's really nice, not known, so if you have the money please support and BUY it). This one is my personal favorite, but since it records in RAW files the file sizes are big... It won't affect your gaming experience since it runs of your hard drive!

Cons: Not free

Pros: Fancy GUI, dosen't make you lag so much

Cons: Bad encoding in my experience, Not free, a bit more difficult to crack/get for free

Pros: Used by all the 12 years old to record minecraft, so if they can, you sure as hell can. Records RAW files. EASY EASY EASY to download for free!

Cons: Makes you lag like crazy. Not free. Old.

Same as Fraps, another brand. Better GUI imo.



My list of software for editing:

please note: Almost all of theese software is expensive As fuck (at least for me) but easy to crack!, also no links cuz I'm lazy

  • Adobe After Effects

Ooooh my god! This is the BEST for editing Special effects! But please remember this is not for editing normally, only for effects!

with the right plugins this is basically the best editing software IMO

  • Adobe Premiere

Real good for making the cuts there is needed... What I personally use to Structure my videos, but not what I use for effects.


  • Adobe Photoshop

Best for picture editing.. Not much to say.

  • Cinema 4D (above R13)

A nice animating software.. User friendly AF. Has a decent Render engine. Plugins and Light presets makes it nice to use. It's REALLY compatible with Adobe softwares, and with a plugin (I can't remember the name of right now, will prob add later) you can edit the objs in real time!

  • Autodesk Maya and 3DS

It's nice.. A bit less user friendly but hey, I like their render engine more than Cinema 4d, but not as compatible as C4D w/ adobe

  • Adobe Audition

What I use to edit my voice so I won't sound like complete trash when talking in a video :^) has alot of features but I don't know shit about it

  • Audacity

Free version of Audition, works great and has most features you need!

  • Sony Vegas

User friendly, not for advanced editing doe, and crashes all the FUCKING TIME OMFG HOW MUCH DO THEIR EARN AND STILL DON'T FIX THEIR FUCK- sry a bit off track, but nice and easy to get into but the encoding and compression is not always too good.

  • Paint.net


A nice free alternative to Photoshop, missing some features that Photoshop has doe.

  • Blender

I don't know much about Blender, but it's free and I've used it a couple of times.


  • Movie maker

What I started with back when I was younger.. like 11-12... NEVER again... It's ok for my grandpa when he is editing his pictures (don't wanna know what kind), but for advanced editing please don't....

  • Paint



 welp hope you learned something, I will most likely make a new post at some point showing what plugins I use.

If needed I can make a few tutorials on how to do specific tasks or use in general.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me!



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