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Clients from Hell

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I work as a fashion photographer and I was contacted by a small local store selling men’s fashion...

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I work as a fashion photographer and I was contacted by a small local store selling men’s fashion about shooting their new campaign and photos for their online catalog. The client was polite and friendly but he had absolutely no idea how ridiculous his expectations were.

Client: So we need a few outdoor shots for the campaign, simple elegant shots with three models on a nice outdoor location.

Me: Got it. I can schedule that as soon as we’re done here.

Client: Now, regarding the online catalog, we will need all items photographed from every angle so you can create a 3D animation for us in Photoshop. We want this shot in front of a green screen so you can then add different special effects, like in the movies. We’re talking about a few hundred items from all angles in the studio, and a few dozen images for the campaign. We booked the studio for two and a half hours. That should be more than enough.

Me: (completely overwhelmed) Wha… what? I’m sorry, that’s…

Client: We can pay $100 for all the photos, and I guess you can throw in the editing, the 3D animation and the special effects for free?

Me: ….

Client: Oh, and we don’t want any logos or brand names to be visible on any of the items. We import cheap stuff from abroad so we don’t want our competition to see which brands we’re selling, and copy our ideas. So we need you to delete all brand names and logos in Photoshop.

Before I even had a chance to politely decline the job offer, they asked me for the number of another photographer because I was too expensive and they wanted to get it done for less than a hundred bucks.

> Want to know if freelancing is for you?

Source: Clients from Hell

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