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Clients from Hell

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Confusions of grandeur

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I designed a new website for a client. Their old site had no analytics installed on, but they told me they were getting “really healthy traffic” so they wanted minimal downtime. I didn’t ask how they knew this.

When I finished their new site, there were a few options for analytics. I was going to use Google, but they wondered whether Amazon’s premium Alexa service might be a better option. When I asked why, a few things started to become clear.

Client: Well, I’m looking at Alexa.com right now and they say our site has had more that 26 million visitors. See?

The Alexa page said: “No data available for this site. We do not have enough data to estimate these metrics. Global rank: 26,643,839”

Client: Pretty cool to think over 26M people have visited our site!

I haven’t had the nerve to tell them what “rank” means, but I’ve a bad feeling they’ll be disappointed when I install Google Analytics and they see what their actual traffic is like.

> Want to know if freelancing is for you?

Source: Clients from Hell

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