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Taking request for donations due to the need of better gear.



So I'm not taking requests n' stuff.. (Video about this comming soon)

What I can offer:

Frag edits


Tutorials/private lessons

Usage of programs

Credit in future videos

How to record and set up good streams?

A private discord for you and (if anyone else ever donates) them too!

Anything else you'd like!

Please try to keep it above 1$ since all gfx editing takes ALOT of time




Sorry for this but I'm generally in a need of money for better gear, I dislike asking for money n' stuff but only option I have at the moment


Better GPU (GTX 900 series has become alot cheaper atm, so planing to make that replace my current gtx 650ti)

A better CPU (I3 do I need to say more)

More space (A constant battle with space is a problem for me)

Maybe more ram? Currently have 6 gb but I'm genereally happy with that

Plugins.. like alot alot of plugins


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