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Mallcrasher Budapest

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Evolving story, will edit and update when hangovers permit


Arrived in the early hours after a nice and uneventful flight with Ryanair.
I'm happy to say that the 737 did quite well on its own, and I did'nt need to pedal at all due to a neato tailwind, which made my trip faster that travelling from the airport across Budapest to my first meeting with the citys nightlife.

Harfatus did an excellent job teaching me how to order two large beers in the native tongue, and as the golden drops went down my language skills quickly improved and allowed me to start ordering stronger and larger mugs of grog.

The natives are kind and helpful and just as impossible to understand as finnish people, and the females seems to love my exotic accent which progressively became more and more alluring as my promille intensified. :martini:
There was only a few annoying people sitting next to us, they were loud and rudely backtalking people around them in the belief that nobody understood their foreign language, to my amusement and dismay I can reveal that they were danes like myself, and I could'nt help but eavesdrop on their drunken stupor.

... to be continued :soon: (need to find a pharmacy and a truckload of energydrinks) 

... several days later..
Beginning to like this place more and more, as I identified a energydrink dispensary nearby, and I also explored the local surroundings and found a quaint lil bakery/coffeeshop (not the dutch kind sadly) which fulfills my caffeine needs for about 1€

Been to the mall a few times for some gluteus maximus straining bowling, which made my thumb hurt like a mofo and caused me to walk like a trucker for the last few days, also got myself a new Hungarian phonenumber at vodaphone (yes they are even here) because my danish one was not proper setup before I left (feel free to call me @ +36 06 70 238 2797 if you need tips on cheap booze outlets, and shoddy hotel directions)
Compared to Denmark, the weather here is awesome, no snow or frost yet :wookie:, so I'm less and less keen on returning home destined for fighting nasty street penguins, and only seeing women covered in 3 layers of wooly clothing.

Lesson learned today, cheese here is called shite and I felt a bit weirded out when I went to the bakery asking for a shite sandwich, the bread was good luckily, and the cheese although tasteless was not shitty at all.

Harfatus and I have been visiting a whole bunch of bars, from the overprised boutique bar which served some sweet ass drinks for about 4€, to the cheapest 24/7 streetbars which seems very popular with the young crowd here, maybe due to the fact that you can get ½liter of decent beer for about 1€, and during our travel have spent quite a few premium member donations expanding our horisonts.

One the street quite a few girls have asked my straight up if I want to have sex, and I was beginning to feel like a fucking rockstar, right up until Harfatus said a little butthurt, that he found it odd that the prostitutes didnt ask him for the same service.

Had a fun little experience at one of the cheapo spots, some hipster tourist cut me off in the waiting line, proceeded to slowly order a shitload of beers and drinks in poor english and I could see where it was headed, so I gave up and went outside for a ciggy unknowing that karma was about to strike hard.
I was done smoking my cig and as I tossed it and made a quick turn on my heels I might have startled a guy coming out of the bar with a huge ass tray full of drinks, so that he banged his tray into a pole next to me and spilled half his giant order right in front of me, giving me a free shoeshine in the process.
I felt bad for the guy, until it dawned on me it was the same hipster schmuck who had cut me off, and had continued on to insult the bartender on his beer pouring skills which i learned from Harfatus who had been overhearing it all while i had been fixing my nicotine deficiency.

Karma is a bitch

.. need a break now, gonna work a little on our latest addition to the pirate sites family, piratevaping.com

ahhhhh all work and no play makes the piratecaptain a dull looter, soooo me and Harfatus went out yet again, this time for some great hungarian cuisine with the obligatory beers attached.
Following this hearty meal we returned to one of our pool halls called the black pool, the bartender there recognised us from our last visit and we got a tab rolling without even asking, very convenient and also a bit dangerous I later realised :D
Played a whole lot of pool, and used my remaining shrapnel (hungarian coins) on the jukebox, when harfatus came up with the brilliant idea that we fill the jukebox queue with Pink Floyd albums, this was worth its weight in gold when the spanish guys at the next table donning their finest sweatpants started adding songs, not realising we had hogged the bugger for the next hours already.

Going home tomorrow in my blisterboots and will end this story with a final entry once I'm home.
Now I'll try and watch the end of the movie Arrival without passing out (again) due to tremendous amounts of liver exercising, g'nite mateys! :naptime:

I got home, this is my final entry.... already miss that sweet hungarian beer










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