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Clients from Hell

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I do graphic design and my usual projects are logos and branding. I started working with this client...

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I do graphic design and my usual projects are logos and branding. I started working with this client and felt that they were a little high-maintenance, but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Always a bad choice.

They ordered on a Thursday afternoon and it is now Tuesday. I make sure to outline my design process as well as the fact that I work during the week only. He understood and we started the process. He sent some of his design inspiration and specifically requested that I use an expensive font he liked. 

Me: I can certainly use that font, but I would have to charge you for using it. I’d have to buy the font which would cut into my profits for this project quite a bit - normally I offer clients the option to pay for have of the new font since I could possibly use it again, or I give them the option to use one that I already have for no additional fee. Which would you prefer?

Client: I don’t want to pay anymore than I already am. Find something like that one. 

I proceeded on the design, but wasn’t getting far because he wasn’t giving me any direction. Other than picking that font, I had no idea what he wanted. In fact, the only feedback I eventually got from him was that he asked for a specific swash that came with that font.  

Me: Again, that’s not really possible unless you want to pay for that font. If you want to do that, that’s great. Otherwise I need some more direction.

Client: Last I checked, I hired you to design something for me.  If I have to pay for the font, what exactly are you creating? You haven’t created anything yet and I have a deadline. When are you going to create something?

There was no mention of the deadline we’d set in the original correspondence, which I was on track to meet if he could just make a decision about the font. I emailed him back and politely outlined my design process for him AGAIN, explained why he needed to cover half the cost of a requested font (it would be nearly 25% of my profit if I purchased it myself) and why I couldn’t move forward to a full design if he won’t agree to a font to use.

He hasn’t emailed me back at all today. I think I’m going to cancel his order and just say good riddance.

> Want to know if freelancing is for you?

Source: Clients from Hell

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