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Clients from Hell

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I was approach by a client in need of a redesign of their corporate website. They wanted it to “look...

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I was approach by a client in need of a redesign of their corporate website. They wanted it to “look modern and trendy.”

I took a look at their current website and it was a mess. It looked like it debuted on the internet’s first birthday.

Eventually we agreed on a price and time frame, and I was given really good and detailed information about what they wanted in their new design. I started working on it and after I while I sent them an email containing the updates.

Client: I really like these, but a few I’d like a few changes.

The client sent me a list of changes, and I went to work. After a short time, I sent them a new revision.

Client: LOVE this! It’s really a step forward from our current website. Here are a few more items we were hoping to add, though….

At this point, this was a great project. Their revisions made sense, and my work was being received well. Really a motivating project.

That is, until the fourth or fifth round of revisions, when things started to go downhill. The revisions started to back-pedal, dialing back genuine improvements to the design. Features that had been set became open questions, and they started asking for changes more for the sake of asking for changes than for making a better site.

This went on for another two weeks, where I tried to navigate their requests while respectfully pushing back on some of their nonsensical changes.

Client: We’d like you to agree to terminating the contract we have, since we’re getting nowhere with this and none of our requests have been fulfilled.

Frankly, I was furious. I’d put in an incredible amount of work and to be told that I’d fulfilled NO requests was insulting, I accepted the contract termination and never spoke to them again.

> Want to know if freelancing is for you?

Source: Clients from Hell

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