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Clients from Hell

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Black Friday Sale: All Ebooks are 50% off!

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> Hell to Pay: A Freelancer’s Guide to Finances

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“Hell to Pay is an excellent guide for getting your freelancing finances in order. From understanding financial realities to the details of how to invoice and get paid, this book can save you months (or years!) of costly mistakes.”

- Matt Inglot, Host of Freelance Transformation


> Freelance Shortcut: Get Work Using Job Boards

“[Get Work Using Job Boards] is a no fluff, highly specific and actionable e-book that addresses the number one challenge that freelancers face. I appreciated the step-by-step instructions on how to find clients this week as it’s going to save me a tonne of time compared to going at it alone. Thanks, Clients from Hell”

- Paul Minors, PaulMinors.com


> Freelance Shortcut: Find Your Dream Client

“A simple, straightforward guide to aligning your services for your dream client. It’s short, but it’s everything I needed to know – I locked my first ‘great’ client based on this book’s advice and I couldn’t be more excited for the next one.”

- Amir, Freelance Designer

Source: Clients from Hell

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