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I should stop shit posting at 1-2 am + might move for a year

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As the title says, all of a sudden when it's past 23:59 I become an ELITE video editor who can make a complete video from scratch to finish in just about 2 hours..

This to say is a mental problem.. because the next day when I look at it, I really wonder if I was on drugs making it, not to mention the exaction when you wake up at 7 am to get home at 3-4 pm.

on the bright side doe, I might be able to buy a new GPU soon, and when that comes out, my rig will pretty much be good to go.. I could ofc. always use some more ram but dosen't matter too much.

Sad side, I might soon be moving to China for a year to study... This means no Pirate Perfection, no moderation on the servers I'm a mod on, no job, no games, no free internet or a nice and cosy home

the plus side, this is a huge opportunity for me, since I already know the basics of Chinese (have studied it for almost 3 years now), so when I get over there to speak it everyday I'll be able to speak with our Chinese users..

If I do,

@PirateCaptain thank you for giving me this opportunity to become a bigger part of this wonderful community, and thank you for believing in me! <3

Here is your shitpost of today:

(this is a huge file size fuckin hell)



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PiratePerfection do work in China you know, and will still be here when you get back matey so no worries

Always say yes to opportunities like this, in the long run it will make you a better person im sure, opening your eyes to the big world out there.

To travel is to live......

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