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Clients from Hell

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Root problem

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Client: Hello, I need help logging into the backend of my server. I don’t know my username.

Me: Sure thing, the username is really easy to remember. It’s just “root.”

I waited a moment while the client tried to log in.

Client: That didn’t work.

I check to see if anything weird has happened, or configured differently, and it all looked normal. I ran a few fixes and attempt to login myself, I get in with no issue.

Me: I’m able to log in fine over here. Are you sure you are using the right password?

Client: Yes, I’m sure!

Me: I don’t see anything that is preventing you from logging in.

Client: Well it isn’t working for me, so you need to fix it.

Me: Okay, I just took a look in the logs, and it appears that you used your email address as the username, you need to login with the username “root”

Client: I thought my email was the root username.

Me: No, the username should just be the word “root”

Client: So what is the username then?

Me: It’s the word “root”

Client: Like my Domain Name?

Me: No all you need to type in is “root”, nothing else.

Client: Just tell me what the username is!

Me: Its root, like the roots of a tree, or a root canal.

Client: Stop playing games and help me out here, what is the username?!

Me: All you need to do is type R then O then another O then T. The word root.

Client: If you aren’t going to be helpful at least don’t repeat yourself!

That’s when he hung up.

> Want to know if freelancing is for you?

Source: Clients from Hell

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