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Clients from Hell

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I run my own video production company and I had a meeting with a man who runs his own accounting...

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I run my own video production company and I had a meeting with a man who runs his own accounting company. We started talking about projects he needed. Essentially, he had a huge list of tasks that he wanted me to do, which was great.

Client: I would like to have someone as a one stop shop set up. How would you like to get paid? Let me start by saying I don’t like doing contracts so I can pay you weekly if you want.

Red flag, alarm bells:

Me: I’m much more comfortable working with a contract. Maybe have a think about that and we’ll touch base next week to see if you’re still interested.

I tried getting in touch several times the following week, with no response. Several weeks later I get this message:

Client:   We were wondering if you could take some photos for us this Saturday.

It was Thursday, which was pretty short notice for my schedule.

Me: I’m certainly interested, but I’d very much prefer to set up a contract for the work. Could I swing by and get that signed before Saturday? And if that’s too short a notice, can we reschedule the shoot day?

They didn’t reply. The following week, after the proposed shoot, I got this email.

Client: Thank you for coming out and meeting us last week.  We appreciate the work you are willing to do; however, the timing with everything isn’t going to work out for us.  We wish you the very best of luck in your career.

There are two possibilities here: one, they really needed that shoot done on that Saturday (which I doubt because they didn’t get back to me at all in time); two, they were hoping they wouldn’t have to pay me and that’s why they were waffling on signing a contract.

Either way, bullet dodged.

> Want to know if freelancing is for you?

Source: Clients from Hell

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