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Clients from Hell

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Teacher of the Year

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A recurring problem I have with clients is that when I ask for vector PDFs, they think all PDFs are vectors. After getting a bitmap PDF when asking for a vector one time too many, I started to think about how I could educate my clients. I thought I had a pretty good explanation.

Me: The file type is like a container. Think of it like this: Let’s say a hamburger is a bitmap file and the extension JPG (or PNG) is a hamburger bag. Now let’s say a whole pizza is a vector design, and a pizza box is a PDF or AI file. You can fit a hamburger (bitmap), in a pizza box (PDF file), but you can’t fit a whole pizza (vector) in a hamburger bag (JPG).

Client: I think I get it.

Me: Think of the PDF like a pizza box, you open it and say “Hey there’s a hamburger in here, I asked you for a pizza.” And the client says “yeah of course it’s a pizza, it’s in a pizza box.” That’s sort of what’s happening here – you need to make sure the pizza goes into the pizza box, or in this case, the vector goes into the PDF.

Client: That makes sense, thanks. .

The next day:

Client: This is what you need, right?

This time, it wasn’t even a PDF, it was a DOC file with a bitmap copy and pasted in.

Source: Clients from Hell

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