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Clients from Hell

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I run social media accounts for clients and one particular client had a new product launching. I...

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I run social media accounts for clients and one particular client had a new product launching. I asked them for material to post - urls, photos, attachments, etc - but didn’t receive anything. No problem - I put together stuff on my own. 

At midday on the day of the launch the client emailed requesting to see the remaining scheduled posts for that day. This wasn’t usually part of our working relationship but it was the big day - I sent them everything I’d planned on posting, including posts about the new product, relevant info, images, urls and relevant hashtags. 

The client edited my first post and emailed back with a note in bright red capital letters saying POST THIS —> followed by the revised tweet they edited in quotation marks, also in bright red. It couldn’t be clearer.

They had removed my hashtags, url and images and just replaced it with one long description about the product which was 140 characters. I did as they said and posted it.

One minute later I received an email:

Client: Where’s the image, url and hashtags in the tweet?

Me: You sent me a revised tweet that didn’t have room for those and said “POST THIS” in bright red letters. So I posted it. 

Client: No! You should have posted your original post! That’s what I meant by “POST THIS.” 

Me: So you sent a revised tweet, all in red, with an all caps “POST THIS,” also in red and pointing at the revised tweet to indicate that I should post an unaltered version of my original tweet? 

Client: What about this aren’t you understanding? 

This was how it went with this client. A few weeks later the company launched a new product, and again I wasn’t given any information - I was just told to draw facts from the website. 

I posted a tweet with a few facts & figures about the product when I suddenly received another angry email: 

Client: Why are you posting incorrect information?

Me: I took all my facts from the website, as instructed. What’s wrong about it? 

He sent me a link to the web page, but it had been updated with a few major changes in info. He’d clearly just changed to cover himself and blame me for the problem. 

Luckily I had taken a screenshot of the webpage the previous day with the original facts the client had incorrectly uploaded. I emailed the screenshot to his boss.

I still have the client but work with someone else at the company now.

> Want to know if freelancing is for you?

Source: Clients from Hell

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