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Clients from Hell

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Client: Could you move the image closer to the edge by 2mm?Me: Do you mean 2 pixels? Client: No I’m...

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Client: Could you move the image closer to the edge by 2mm?

Me: Do you mean 2 pixels? 

Client: No I’m measuring my screen right now… The ruler says 2mm. 

Because of exacting demands, pointless revisions, and miscommunications like this, the project went well over time. Finally I billed him.

Client: So I’m looking at the bill and this is too expensive.

Me: We did go over time, yes. I logged all the time I spent on this project and I did warn you several times that the number of revisions would cost more.

Client: You were just moving things around? I don’t know how you can charge for that. Also, there were errors in the 5000 flyers we printed. I think your invoice should reflect that error.  

Me: (panicking in case there is a major issue) What is the error? I may be able to reprint with my own printing company. 

Client: The space between one of the titles and its paragraph is 1mm too high. We already printed it all and don’t see a point in wasting them so we’ll use them, but I want to see changes in the invoice to reflect this error. 

> Want to know if freelancing is for you?

Source: Clients from Hell

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