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Clients from Hell

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I’m an illustrator/designer, and over the years I’ve been doing more illustration work as I enjoy it...

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I’m an illustrator/designer, and over the years I’ve been doing more illustration work as I enjoy it more. I still occasionally design websites, though - mainly landing pages and microsites, although if the price is right I’ll build a Wordpress theme and even teach you how to use the CMS. I don’t offer maintenance or hosting services, because frankly I’d rather gargle glass.

A happy client referred me to a friend. I talked over their needs and based on their needs, I talked them down from a full wordpress site to a landing page for a much cheaper price. I sent over an estimate, as well as my terms and conditions that state that I reserve the right to ask for a 50% deposit from new clients and a 100% if the total is estimated at 300 € or less.

Client: You’re trying to rip me off! First, you don’t want to build me a site that I can maintain and update myself, probably speculating on a fat monthly retainer for maintenance services. Then you ask me to pay in advance. This is outrageous! You don’t trust me!

Me: Well, you don’t seem to trust me either, do you. I don’t do maintenance, ever. It’s a necessary evil, yes, but I’d rather swallow my own teeth than climb into Wordpress or MySQL. If you want a Wordpress site, fine. I’ll build you one. But you don’t need it for what you want and it will cost you triple what a simple landing page costs.

Client: I don’t know how you stay in business with that attitude. It sounds like you hate your work. 

Me: Honestly? That’s why I get paid in advance.

He got someone else to build and maintain him a Wordpress site, but happy ending - I’ve since illustrated and designed his company’s annual report and we both enjoy working together.

> Want to know if freelancing is for you?

Source: Clients from Hell

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