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The Tale of my Return to Pirate Perfection

Rainbow Dash Weather Mare


So as some of you may know ive been down in the dumps recently due to a group of people who i thought were real good friends of mine left me all alone one morning earlier this month. I had gone to bed after playing a few games of overwatch with my friends and everything was going great, or so i thought. When i woke up the next morning a burst of excitement ran through my body as i sat down to play some overwatch on ps4 with my good friends (we had talked and been a good group for almost a year) When i logged in i noticed that i was short about 5 friends and quickly the realization set in, i had been voted off the island. Not a single word was spoken to me that day as i still wonder to myself what had gone so very wrong, was i the one who pushed them away and was it a group choice to remove me and block me? i will never truly know. one thing i do know is i was not a freak around those "Friends" (unlike how i am on here) i was kind and respectful and one of the best diamond tier lucios you would ever find (Although i am great at tracer). When they disappeared i began to doubt myself as a person, however that all changed when i made the choice to log back on to PiratePerfection.com quickly i grabbed my credit card and slapped some money down for a patron (i wanted to make a spectacular return) where i was then greeted by @PirateCaptain and knew that this was the place to be. Everyone i have met so far on this website has either been extremely nice like captain and @Rella or helped me immensely like @AG_Developer and @Sanguin Basically this placed turned into a home really quickly and i just wanted to thank everyone who has been so kind to me recently. :salute:


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You'r always welcome here matey, and I am not gonna stop stalking you no matter what crazy brony stuff you come up with :lurker:


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