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Rainbow Dash Weather Mare


I just totally want to apologize. ive been going through some family issues recently and it has made me a little sluggish. I look back at my work for captain to use as reputation images and i never quite feel happy with them, as if i could do better. I find myself staying up late nights trying to build up the desire to create things but the will is quickly lost after i sit and reflect on the fact that the outcome is most likely not going to be very pleasant, today i had posted a total of 4 images but only 1 of them i feel is of any quality after working several hours into the night and drinking multiple cups of coffee i'm left at 6AM with a few pictures that i feel took so long for such shitty results and the urge to cry in the corner probably to lack of sleep. i feel especially bad due to the fact that i told @PirateCaptain that i was going to get so much done this weekend. theres always tomorrow and i don't want to let anyone down so i will keep pushing forward but it does get a little lonely sometimes because everyone else is in a completely different time zone so when they are all asleep i am awake. 

Doing this work to better this website brings so much pride and excitement into my heart and i thank captain very much for opening this door for me. 


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is i always say rain, NO RUSH.. if you lack motivation one day... go dance with a horse, if you feel lack of inspiration another go watch a movie with your horse.

its not important how fast you make these images pretty, only that you would enjoy seeing them yourself on your profile someday.. if you would then im sure others will too.

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