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Clients from Hell

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I am an architect by trade, and also do a lot of graphic design freelance.Client: Could you please...

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I am an architect by trade, and also do a lot of graphic design freelance.

Client: Could you please make me a sign for the local sports arena to promote my business?

Me: Sure no problem, I will base it on the monochrome design we did on your company cars.

Client: Perfect.

I submit the design for approval.

Client: This is great but could you please make my logo a mirror foil like on the cars instead of white?

Me: I could, but if we do that you wouldn’t be able to see the graphics because the ceiling of the arena is black. The mirror foil will reflect the ceiling and look black against the black background of the sign.

Client: I would like the design of my promotional material to be consistent, please make the graphics in a silver foil on the sign.

Me: I really have to advise against that, how about a silver metallic foil instead?

Client: I really want the mirror foil. Please just do what I ask!

The sign is delivered and mounted. A few days later:

Client: (furious). What the fuck have you done? The sign looks like a black rectangle on the wall, the graphics are almost invisible!


Client: I’m not paying for this!

Me: Well you already have, so….

Client: ….

Me: ….

Client: *click*

He called back a few days later, and ordered a sign with black background and white graphics. He paid up front.

> Want to know if freelancing is for you?

Source: Clients from Hell

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