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Clients from Hell

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I make costumes, props, and custom wigs for commision. I was working with a client who kept asking...

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I make costumes, props, and custom wigs for commision. I was working with a client who kept asking for change after change, all for free. Eventually I just did them because I wanted the project to be done. . I finished dealing with this client who wanted change after change but didn’t want to pay more for me to do it. I relented and made the changes because at this point I wanted it done. When the costume was finished I asked how she wanted it shipped. She said USPS and I asked if she wanted signature confirmation to which she refused to pay for. I sent it flat rate priority it arrived to her, as told by the tracking info. 
A week later and I get a message 

Client: I never got the package

I checked the tracking and it said it was delivered a few days before. 

Me: Tracking is showing that it arrived did you ask your postman? 

Client: No. 

Me: Well ask your postman see if he recalls it. 

Client: Send me the original receipt for the shipping.

Me: I can’t do that, I need it for my tax records. I can send you a copy?

Client: Well I’ve had 2 other packages go missing too so I need it. The original, not a copy. 

After some back and fourth I offered to file a missing package claim and checked in my own PO box (the return address) to make sure it wasn’t there (it wasn’t). I filed the claim and about a week later I got a letter in the mail that stated that it was denied because all of their information indicated it arrived at its destination.

I sent this information along to the client who was outraged.

Client: You have to file for an appeal. You have to go to your post office and fill out the form. You have to get this done today. 

Me: I will do that on Monday. It’s Saturday and the post office has already closed.

Client: No, today.

More back and fourth I went on Monday and filed for an appeal. 

Me: I filed the appeal. Maybe ask ask your local law enforcement if others in your neighborhood have reported missing/stolen packages?

Client: No I’m not asking that. Why would someone steal costumes?

Me: Because they don’t know whats in the box and would steal it just in case it’s valuable? 

Client: Don’t be ridiculous. Have you heard from the post office yet?

Today I got another letter that stated my appeal was denied because according to the post man working that route that day he delivered the package. Again I sent this info to the client, I scanned all the documents for her records as well as mine.  

Client: You have to check your PO box. Now. It must be there. 

Me: It’s not. Look, it’s out of my hands. The post office says it’s been delivered, the postman himself swears he delivered it, and my contract states that once it’s been delivered to its destination its out of my hands and I claim no more responsibility.

She’s been sending me countless emails ever since. I have not, and will not provide a refund, though I did suggest that maybe she should invest in a PO Box.

> Want to know if freelancing is for you?

Source: Clients from Hell

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