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Clients from Hell

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I’m an amateur photographer. Sometimes I do shoots for friends and family, but I very rarely do...

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I’m an amateur photographer. Sometimes I do shoots for friends and family, but I very rarely do commissioned work. Even so I was contacted by someone who wanted me to do a shoot based on my portfolio.

Client: I would like to book a shoot of my family with you.

Me: I’m sorry, I’m not looking for any clients right now. I could direct you to a professional photographer who’d be happy to do the work if you’d like!

Client: No, they’d charge too much. I want a photo like this one you did.

The photo she was referring to was a model shoot on a set that had since been destroyed.

Me: I’m flattered, but I don’t do commission work. What’s more, I can’t recreate the set that I used for that photo. I think you should look around and find a photographer in your price range as I am unavailable, but thank you for your interest.

Client: Come on, really how much is it for you to do a family shoot for three people.  so how much would it be for a family shoot for 3 people

Me: (caving in) Well… I could schedule a three hour shoot in a garden I have access to. $200 for 10 edited photos, but at that price I would ask you to sign a contract to let me use the photos in my portfolio and website.

Client: Oh, no. I want studio photos for under $60. And would that include makeup, hair and outfits? Also, why would you use my photo? I don’t want to be stalked!  

Me: I’m sorry, all my models do their own makeup and I don’t have access to a studio. It seems like you’re looking for services I can’t provide, so thank you for your interest but I think I have to decline.

Client: YOU ARE SO UNPROFESSIONAL AND RUDE. I came here offering good, paid work and you threw it in my face. You photographers are all the same, you want everything for free.

I’m not sure she was aware of the irony. 

> Want to know if freelancing is for you? 

Source: Clients from Hell

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