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Clients from Hell

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Last year, a client approached me with the desire to create his own non-profit website. We...

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Last year, a client approached me with the desire to create his own non-profit website. We had worked together in the past and those experiences left a positive impression on me. I was happy to work with him again! 

I expected the venture to take a month, maybe two. What I didn’t expect was over half a year of “urgent” messages in the early hours of the morning with a list of changes he wanted for the following day, ignoring the fact that this was a side job for me.  

He ignored suggestions, drafts, tips and any form of collaboration. I learnt increasingly as the months went on that, while he had a desire to create a site, he didn’t actually know what he wanted the site FOR. He said he wanted it tailored to a specific audience but he didn’t know what that audience was.

Towards the end of six months of flailing, he hired his FOURTH professional artist (after being dropped by the other three) to create “beautiful adverts” for his new site also “as soon as possible,” a service costing him several hundred dollars.

In the closing week, he asked me to write recommendations for his site promoting my competitors, removed credits (both for the artist and myself), and approached me about writing and maintaining the site for free, indefinitely.

Client: I don’t want to pay anything to own a site.

The only times he would mention my name in conjunction with the site is if someone didn’t like one of his design choices, because he would scapegoat me.

Last I heard, he was using this site to launch four simultaneous and unrelated “careers.” I’d say I wish him good luck, but, well… I don’t really.

> Want to know if freelancing is for you?

Source: Clients from Hell

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