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Clients from Hell

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I had been working with two people at the one business. One person ‘on the ground’ and another at...

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I had been working with two people at the one business. One person ‘on the ground’ and another at head office who my conversation below occurred with. This business is relatively well known in the industry I work but this is the first time I have invoiced them directly.

Client: Hey! Thanks for the invoice, just one thing - can you please put the tax amount in dollar figures on a separate line? Thanks again!

I completed this, then sent it.

Client: Thanks for the update. Can you please put the percentage amount tax in brackets after the description of the tax? 

Seems odd as the GST amount is 10% and is standard across the country. Anyway, I completed and send it through

Client: Thanks for doing that. Just noticed - you forgot to put “The” in front of our business name. Can you fix that and send it through? 

A little red flag went up in my head at this point, but I complied and sent it through.

Client: Sweet! Now, can you update the address? You’ve included our street address, but it needs to have our mailing address on it instead to be paid. 

That flag got a bit larger, but I made the change.

Client: Cool. Sorry to be a pain, but our accounts team won’t pay it unless you put the department you worked from on the invoice as well. 

I then put the client who I’ve been dealing with’s name, city and then all the details needed into the invoice and send it through as a PDF like the previous four versions.

Client: Awesome, slight hitch - accounts hate getting invoices as PDFs. Can you send through as a Word doc? 

That flag was now high in the sky and waving madly. I complied. 

Client: That’s perfect, thanks. Because you’ve put the name of the guy you’ve been dealing with on the invoice, it is now an invoice directed to him. It’s now up to him as to whether or not it is paid because it’s no longer a business invoice, as it has his name on it. 

Me: Sorry about that, I can remove his name and resend it if you like. 

Client: No, that’s not how it works. Invoices are a “one shot to get it right thing,” surely you know that by now. I’ll be in touch next time we need your services. Thanks! 

No replies since, and no - I still haven’t been paid. 

Source: Clients from Hell

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