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Clients from Hell

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I am a 3D designer. I design booths for cons and fairs, creating intricate and large displays that...

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I am a 3D designer. I design booths for cons and fairs, creating intricate and large displays that are really complex and require a lot of fine work.

Anacquaintance contacted me to see if I was interested in working for him. He owns a gaming company, and needed someone who can design environments. He knew my booth work and thought I’d be a great fit.

I’d designed environments for some mobile games, but this was far more ambitious than anything I’d done before. I got in touch with the head developer and worked with him to discern what they needed in terms of art design and poly count. 

So of course I design the environments meticulously, being very careful of the polygon count because they are using a game engine which cannot support too high a polygon count. And I do good work, the head Dev was very pleased. The client who hired me, however, was not. 

Client: I don’t like those environments you made.

Me: Why not? The head dev seemed to love them.

Client: They are too blocky. I can see edges and some of the textures are not very sharp.

Me: I did what I could for the engine you guys are using. Anything more detailed than that and the game would be stuttering and the engine couldn’t take the load.

Client: But I wanted it to look like it looks like those booths that you designed!

Me: Dude, every single one of those takes at least two hours to render, some as many as five. The game needs to be rendered in real time.

Client: Whatever, I’m not paying you the full amount we agreed on. I wanted something and you’re refusing to give it to me.

He ended up paying full price when I called the head developer and informed him of the situation and he chewed him out over it. I still do design work for them, but I only communicate with the head developer

Source: Clients from Hell

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