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Clients from Hell

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I organized a conference with a prospective client to discuss his requirements.I then spent a few...

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I organized a conference with a prospective client to discuss his requirements.

I then spent a few hours discussing this in detail with my team and we put together a full proposal that would address all his pain points. Winning proposal, right?

I called him to follow up.

Me: Hi, how’s it going?

Client: Not great.

He then launched into a bitter tirade about his work load, his ignorant competitors, and a full lowdown on his timetable for the next week. The conversation was literally “how’s it going” followed by fifteen minutes of unbroken complaint.

Client: Anyway, look I’m too busy to talk with you right now, we’ve been on the phone for ages. Call me in two weeks.

Fine. I call him back in two weeks.

Client: Hi, I’m really too busy to talk to you right now. Call back in a couple of weeks.

I call back two weeks later and it rings to voicemail. I don’t leave one, resolving to phone again in an hour or so.

He calls back within five minutes.

Me: Hello?

Client: Why didn’t you leave me a voicemail? You think I have time to talk to you whenever you call? LEAVE A VOICEMAIL. I’ve had a really bad day, and I don’t want to talk right now, ESPECIALLY to someone who’s trying to sell me something.  

He blustered and complained for about ten minutes.

Me: Okay, I hope your day improves. Goodbye.

I hung up, and haven’t talked since.

Source: Clients from Hell

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