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Letter from the editor

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Clients From Hell has the pleasure of being sponsored for the next while.

Unfortunately, some of the first sponsored posts on the blog were a little unclear: Users weren’t sure if they were made up stories and some of the copy about the service rubbed people the wrong way. A few thoughtful readers offered some quality suggestions for making this clearer and we’ve incorporated their feedback moving forward. 

These were all issues I should have anticipated and no one on CFH is responsible for the issue moveon me. 

That said, let’s be clear: all stories on the site are user submitted. We edit them for veracity and grammar as much as we can while still preserving the integrity of the original submission. 

We get a lot of potential sponsorship offers at Clients From Hell, but we are really picky about who we work with. Usually, we don’t work with anyone at all. It matters to me that we have a good fit, and AND CO is probably the best fit we’ve ever had the privilege of working with.

Here’s why:

If none of this tickles you, no problem: the sponsored posts should be less grating moving forward.

Anyways, back to the stories about crappy clients. Thanks for your time. 

- B

Source: Clients from Hell

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