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Let's talk about Media 101.



I'm currently visiting Italy, to be more specific Rome.

Rome is quite an amazing city with loads of things to see, however I took this opportunity to mess a bit around with my Phone (One plus 3t) and take a few pictures and go in to details regarding the scenes and how you can create better cinematics & pictures.

So let's start off with some basic knowledge regarding Pictures.


In Denmark (The country which is better than Sweden, just ask @PirateCaptain) we got a few words for the different kinds of Focal length (Works a bit like FOV/Field Of View for the Dank Gamurs out there)

(Link for the Danish Wikipedia)

We got:

  • "Super Total"
    • This image section gives a panoramic view of Copenhagen's skyline from the top of "Rundetårnet" (Danish building). It is also an established shot (e-shot) of Copenhagen, as the image both starts a new scene (or sequence) and marks the geography of the place.
      • lzCHrUo.jpg
  • "Total"
    • This crop's function is to show the girl in full shape and to visualize the whole environment around her. A total image can also be used as an initial creation shot.
      • j0O9MOs.jpg
  • "Half Total"
    • Now it's focused on the girls hips. This crop, also called a medium shot, is suitable for the start of a dialog scene. 
      • 23NlsGJ.jpg
  • "Half Close"
    • Only the head and upper body of the girl can be seen in this cropping, which is suitable for situations where a person is to be interviewed, or for dramatic sequences happening to a person
      • W7J3CUw.jpg
  • "Close"
    • The "close" also called close-up, shows the girl's face and is the optional cut that expresses a person's facial expressions and emotions the best. This is also optimal for making the views notice a specific action or event. This could be a Character hiding a gun, bottle falling over, motion in water or something else.
      • hUxQOgo.jpg
  • "Ultra Close"
    • Here, only the eyes of the girl are in focus. This detailed image crop is also called an extremely close-up and used to highlight a particular detail of a person or object.
      • AMwyHSm.jpg

Now I will be working with these terms throughout this post.

Here is a few pictures I took when out in Rome today:

Make sure to read it all through.

So I talked a tiny bit about colors, and there is an entire science scene behind it, however I will not spend 400 hours going in to details regarding the history of colors and such.

A quick quick video explaining this can be found here:



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