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Clients from Hell

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My client from hell in this story is, unfortunately and unsurprisingly, my uncle.At the time,...

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My client from hell in this story is, unfortunately and unsurprisingly, my uncle.

At the time, my younger brother was working as a motion graphics producer while I worked for a different company as a video editor. My uncle has tried to take advantage of our video production skills for years, but we have always found ways to avoid him.

This time, his request was for us to film his daughter’s wedding, at a location over 2 hours away, for free because we are family. We politely refused because what he was asking would take over over a dozen hours of work and processing, all for free.

Client: Tell you what – do this as a favour and I’ll do you a favour. I have a property in town that would make a great studio. I’ll let you rent that for a song if you film the wedding.

We agreed on those terms and shook hands.

The day of the wedding, I brought a DSLR as a second camera while my brother filmed.

Client: That’s a nice camera! You’re taking the wedding photos too now!

Me: I’m really not an experienced photographer. I don’t know how they’d turn out, and I really don’t want the responsibility.

Client: Nonsense! You’ll do great.

So rather than provide backup footage I went around interrupting conversations to take snapshots, Doing my best to make sure the wedding was memorialized while my brother filmed all our coverage. Neither of us got to eat or drink anything we were so busy.

When it was all said and done, my brother and I had worked over 30 hours to complete a wedding video, and I delivered over a thousand photos.

Client: By the way, I sold that property I was going to rent you. Thanks again!

There should be a law that it’s okay to murder someone so long as they’re family who tried to stiff you.

Source: Clients from Hell

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