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Clients from Hell

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Fish story

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Years ago when I was making my first attempt at freelancing, I was approached by a gentleman claiming he had an incredible opportunity for me to get on board with a “revolutionary” product that was completely unique and would sell like hotcakes. And it was invented by his son

Client: It’s a plastic fish with a tape measure coming out of its mouth.

Me: Right…

Client: But the tape measure isn’t accurate.

Me: Okay…

Client: So fishermen can make their catch bigger!

Me: ….

Client: Yeah, I’m in talks with several Fortune 500 CEOs. They want it on their shelves badly. What I need from you is a design packaging.

Me: I can do that. Here are my rates.

Client: Rates? You won’t do it for exposure? I’ll tell all these high-powered businesses that you designed the packaging, then they’ll come knocking down your door to hire you!

Me: ….

Client: Okay, how about this. I pay you, and I`ll still talk you up to all these people. But then you`ll give me a percent of all the money you make from designing packages because all your business will be from my contacts.

Me: I think we`re done here.

It`s been a while. I haven`t seen his “revolutionary” product anywhere.

Source: Clients from Hell

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