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Clients from Hell

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I work as the designer and layout monkey for a small-town newspaper.The client, a new advertiser,...

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I work as the designer and layout monkey for a small-town newspaper.

The client, a new advertiser, submitted her own print-ready PDF ad, and once she approved her proof I placed it in our centre two-page spread, which is our second best placement, after the inside front page. That week, the spread also happened to feature a lot of nice garden photography as well.

The client was incensed. How DARE we bury her (mostly-purple) ad right next to a (mostly-green) photo spread? 

Client: The text is too small, nobody saw it, and I got zero response from the ad!

Never mind that if the text was too small, that’s how she sent it to us. She angrily squeaky-wheeled our editor, and eventually our publisher, who agreed to run the ad again for free, and so now this is the week that’s going to happen. Under no circumstances am I to place it next to anything green, says my order form. Fine. But she also said the text was too small, so I got in touch.

Me: Are there any changes you’d like made to the ad before we run it again?

Client: Just one. It was the wrong number in the ad. Could you fix that please?

I think I’ve solved the mystery why she got zero response.

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Source: Clients from Hell

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